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InterFishMarket is the digital platform to build & boost your global seafood business. Buy & sell your seafood products online through the IFM marketplace and enjoy all the related services & products that IFM offers including the comfort & added value that all transactions are insured - and shortly - all transactions can also be easily financed.


About InterFishMarket

It's a B2B marketplace dedicated to the seafood industry and allows professionals to:

  • Promote your company, your products and images world-wide.
  • Insure every purchase and sale transaction–no risk of insolvency.
  • Finance any purchase or sale transactions when needed. Up to +60 day payment options available.
  • Manage all invoices and payments from one platform allowing you to save time and effort.
  • Grow & expand your business. Meet new customers and create new business opportunities.

Furthermore, IFM can offer Members financial services that will allow you to choose:

When you buy

We pay your supplier and you choose when to pay IFM

+07 days from the due date of the invoice

+15 days from the due date of the invoice

+30 days from the due date of the invoice

+45 days from the due date of the invoice

+60 days from the due date of the invoice

When you sell

Receive your money directly from IFM whenever you prefer:

from the delivery of the goods

on the exact due date of you invoice

Are you a professional in the SEAFOOD industry? IFM is your new hub for everything Seafood!

InterFishMarket has been developed to service the business- to-business seafood sector. Producers, Farmers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Supermarket Processors, etc... just to get started!


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Nationalities using IFM

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How will InterFishMarket provide funding for your transactions?

Our Marketplace acts as a central counterpart in all transactions so we can immediately pay your sales and further defer your purchases using different financing solutions available through IFM and thus eliminating the risk of insolvency for your company.

Who is it for?

Are you a seafood industry professional working in any of the following categories?

IFM is backed by a team of professionals from the seafood & finance sectors with a combined experience of over 100 years

InterFishMarket was created by professionals, for professionals. Professionals just like you who interact daily with the needs, issues and deliverables of the seafood industry.


Trading system & Marketplace

InterFishMarket is a neutral marketplace and acts as an intermediary to all transactions and does not take risk positions; the system works like the most established e-commerce platforms.

Our goal is to facilitate exchange activities in a transparent and efficient way between buyers and sellers all over the world, while offering both parties access to financial services like insurance and financing.

It is possible to execute transactions in two ways:

Online Trading – Live Market

  • Enter your sales or purchase order.
  • Receive offers and close transactions on the platform.
  • Enjoy the insurance and financial benefits that IFM offers you.

Offline Trading – OTC Trade

  • Close your offline sales (as you do every day on the phone, e-mail or Skype).
  • Register your Trade on the IFM platform.
  • Enjoy the insurance and financial benefits that IFM offers you.


Smart Contract

Sign legally binding sale and purchase agreements directly on the Marketplace.

Certified Documents

Always have the certainty of sending and receiving sales documents such as invoice, packing list or signed CMR.

Save Time

Expiring invoices warnings and automated payment reminders, do not waste your time to track payments, we'll take care of everything!

Insurance Claims

Do you have trouble with a payment?
No problem, no legal fulfillment, no document required: you just have to click, we do the job.

Min. Insurance Cost

IFM manages the insurance policy and our Marketplace doesn’t require any data for insurance purposes. You pay only if you use the service, not on an expected result.

Service Flexibility

You can change the financial product requested at any time or even cancel it.


I use IFM platform for my trades, it’s easy to use and full of useful tools and services. Furthermore, we had an issue with a non paying client, and after only 45 days from opening the claim, I received my money back directly from IFM. I can recommend the IFM platform, and the services provided by IFM team.

Robert Johansen

Icemar AS, Norway

I would like to recommend everybody to use the IFM-Platform. The service is very good and the platform is easy to use and full of useful tools and services. If you have any hesitations, please don't hesitate to contact me and i will answer all your questions.

Arie Ouwehand

Bertus-Dekker, Holland

Royal Fish Denmark has been using IFM for years and this has allowed us to improve our credit insurance coverage, better manage exposures and payments, (saving us time and money) offering our sellers the necessary financial information in a simple and efficient manner for the correct management of our customers. If I had to give a rating from 1 to 10 I would undoubtedly say 9!

Armando Pasquali

Royal Fish Denmark A/S

We have been using IFM for over 1 year, we are very happy with how it works and with the new business opportunities it has provided us, even the insurance aspects have been tested by us and no problem.

Alen Callegari

R.Busanel, Italy

How much does it cost to use our platform?

Additional benefits:

  • Subscription: It's FREE
  • No Fees or Commissions: Only if you sell and / or buy, you will be charged a small commission based on the weight exchanged (you can consult the commissions table when you first access the platform).
  • Try it: Sign up today and access the Marketplace for free. See how the Marketplace works, products and services offered and how it can increase your business.


Find the Answers Here

  • Subscribe for free, you will pay only and if you sell or buy, contact us for details.

  • IFM is the policyholder and the members of the platform are the beneficiaries. Every member knows the insurance credit granted to him.

  • Buyers and Sellers can opt to delay payments up to 60 days or get paid immediately through IFM’s financing platform. Each Member looking to utilize this service will be allocated a credit limit.

  • Through the Live market you can sell and buy your products without revealing your identity, thus not affecting your normal market.

  • They are the tool through which you can record your sales / purchases, made with the normal tools of every day, but that through the registration on the platform, get insurance coverage, financial services and all the other benefits offered by IFM.

  • Absolutely not. You can withdraw your offers at any time or modify them if no transaction has taken place. If you execute a “LIVE MARKET” transaction, it will benefit from all the services and advantages offered by IFM including insurance and financial ones.

Our Team

The IFM team is unique to the seafood market and was born from the union of professionals with backgrounds ranging from the seafood industry to the financial sector


Managing Partner & Head of Trading

Over 20 years of experience in the seafood industry.

Massimiliano learnt his trade at one of the leading Italian companies in the seafood sector & eventually became General Manager from 1997 to 2002. In this role Massimiliano led all operations & B2B trading, transactions & client management.

In 2002, Massimiliano left & launched his own independent seafood trading business & since then has been focused on growing his business & his local market relationships. To this end Massimiliano worked & lived in Scotland, Holland, Greece, Norway & has become an expert of the whole seafood supply chain from farming & fishing to trading.

Massimiliano was born in Bologna, Italy & currently resides in Switzerland & enjoys fine wine & sailing! He has been a licensed skipper for over 20 years!


Managing Partner & Head of Finance and Business Development

Over 30 years experience in the financial, insurance and fintech sectors .

Seasoned C-Suite Executive with established experience in the investment banking, asset management & corporate sectors including ground-up design, development, implementation & management of new & award winning fintech & insurtech ventures, including online marketplaces, broker dealers & asset managers.

Successful track record in investment banking that includes Deutsche Bank, Bear Stearns & Swiss Re where trade finance receivable financing & insurance merged.

Stefano acted as Managing Partner/CIO for the turnaround of one the largest specialty finance companies in the US & took it public on the NYSE in 4 years. Subsequently he built & sold a registered broker dealer & asset manager

Stefano was born in Modena, Italy & currently resides in New York, USA. Stefano is an Italian/American dual citizen & enjoys travelling, cars, racing & all things seae!


Operations and Treasury Manager

Over 10 years experience in the insurance sector.

Sonia started her career at a leading accounting firm in Trieste

She then moved to one of the primary insurance companies in Italy & Europe, initially in a front office commercial position & subsequently moved to the central claims management department

Sonia graduated with a degree in Political Science at the Faculty of Trieste

Sonia was born in Trieste, Italy & currently resides in Switzerland & enjoys running & exploring new countries!


senior analyst & developer

Over 20 years experience in development & production of software

Fascinated by all the aspects of technology that contribute to making people's experience better

Gaining experience with many realities in the most diverse sectors, Alessandro has developed the ability to observe, analyze & improve processes

Jedi apprentice with ambitions of motorcycle rider, he like to share his home with my four-legged friends


R&D manager, senior analyst & developer

Over 30 years experience in the financial, insurance and fintech sectors .

An electrical engineer, with an obsession with software performance, has been writing code since he had just 8k of memory!

In 10 years of freelance, Maurizio has contributed to the improvement of the processes of numerous companies while expanding his horizons of competence

Maurizio was one of the founders of Ideativi with the aim of creating an ethical professional context aimed at product excellence, in which to develop software for every need & device



Over 10 years experience in the insurance sector.

Class 83, Mirko’s basic training as a computer expert led me to develop a real passion for Information Technologies

He mainly deals with analysis, development & maintenance of Windows, web & mobile applications mainly on MS .Net platform

Passionate about home automation, electronics & video games, in the offline world Mirko is interested in cars & trackdays, animal lover & aspiring chef

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