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Selected country: Faroe Islands
Company Country Address
Andras Samson Faroe Islands
Atlantic Airways Ltd Faroe Islands Vagar Airport FO -380 Soervag
Atlantic Fair Exhibition Faroe Islands P.O. Box 197 Saltangará
Atlantic Waters Faroe Islands Birnugota 8 FR-100 TORSHAVN
AVP Faroe Islands Úti í Bø 3, Syðrugøta
AWI Boats Service Faroe Islands Rókahavnin 10, Runavik
Bakkafrost Faroe Islands Bakkavegur 9 Glyvrar
Bakkafrost Faroe Islands Bakkavegur 8 Glyvrar
Bakkafrost P/f Faroe Islands Glyvrar Glyvrar
BH Faroe Islands Vipuvegur 10
Biofar Royndarstøðin Faroe Islands vid Skridbakka Kaldbak
Christian í Grótinum P/F Faroe Islands Klaksvíksvegur 77 Klaksvík
Circle International Faroe Islands 81 Witham Hull
Containment Shipping Ltd Faroe Islands Nine Acres, Staithes Road, Hedon Hull
Delta Seafood PF Faroe Islands P.O. Box 84 Tvoroyri
E.M.S (HULL) LTD EUROPEAN GROUPAGE Faroe Islands Kingston House, Bond Street - HU1 3EN Hull
East Salmon P/F Faroe Islands P.O. Box 177 Klaksvík
EC Shipping International Faroe Islands Eydalvur Carlsson 335, Leynar
Eldborg Fisk Faroe Islands P.O. Box 62 Tvøroyri
ENNIBERG - PF FARCOD Faroe Islands Torshavn
FAMRI - Faroe Marine Research Institute Faroe Islands PO-Box 3051, Nóatún 1 Tórshavn
FAREX Faroe Islands RC Effersoesgota 22, PO Box 1006 Torshavn
Faroe Agency Pf Faroe Islands Yviri við Strond 4, Post Box 270 Torshavn
Faroe Cold Store P/f Faroe Islands P.O.Box 125 FO-900 Vágur
Faroe Export Group Faroe Islands c/o Menningarstovan,Bryggjubakki 12. PO Box 259 Torshavn
Faroe Farming Faroe Islands Heygsstøð 2 Strendur
Faroe Fish Faroe Islands Anderssen Group sp/f - Box 106 Fuglfjørður
Faroe Food Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands Pavilion Faroe Islands Óðinshædd 7 Tórshavn
Faroe Marine Products Faroe Islands Úti á Vík Leirvik
Faroe Seafood Faroe Islands P.O Box 111 SALTANGARA
Faroe Seafood - Headquarters Faroe Islands Vestara Bryggja - P.O. Box 68 Torshavn
Faroe Ship Ltd Faroe Islands PO Box 47 Torshavn
FaroeLandia Ltd. Faroe Islands Gardavegur Leynar
Faroese Development Office Faroe Islands Hoyviksvegur 51. PO BOX 1287 - FR-110 T'orshavn
Faroese Fish Farmers Association Faroe Islands Smærugøta 9A, P.O. Box 1038 Torshavn
Faroese Telecom Faroe Islands P.O. Box 27 Torshavn
Faromar Ltd Faroe Islands Gongin 10 1st.floor Tórshavn
Felagið Notaskip - Faroese Pelagic Organisation Faroe Islands Smærugøta 9A - Box 1038 Runavik,
Fish Expo Faroes Faroe Islands Sigmundargøta 34 Tórshavn
Fiskaaling P/F - Aquaculture Research Station of the Faroes Faroe Islands Við Áir, Hvalvík
Fiskamarknaður Føroya Faroe Islands Toftagjógv 3 Toftir
Fofish Spf Faroe Islands Heiðavegur 3 - P.O. Box 116 Runavík
Fønix Sp/f (Fonix) Faroe Islands Á Hjalla 20 Tórshavn
Food and Environmental Agency Faroe Islands Falkavegur 6, 2 Torshavn Faroe Islands Stiðjagøta 5-11 Postrúm 1078 Tórshavn
Føroya Banki Faroe Islands Húsagøta 3, Postboks 3048 Tórshavn
Føroya Sparikassi Faroe Islands Postbox 34,Sverrisgotta 3 Torshavn
Fram SP/F Faroe Islands P.O. Box 291 Klaksvík
Framherji aps Faroe Islands Toftir
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BINH PHU SEAFOOD COMPANY LIMITED BINH PHU SEAFOOD COMPANY LIMITED Pangasius Fillet  Selling proposal Wed 22/3/2023 09.37

Pangasius fillet, skinless, boneless, belly trimmed, white meat, 80% NW
Packing: IQF, 1kg bag x10/CTN

Contact me:

SUKA HOLDINGS LIMITED SUKA HOLDINGS LIMITED LOBSTER TAILS ( Panulirus homarus )  Selling proposal Tue 21/3/2023 03.06
$ 13,40

6/8 Oz 30 %
8/10 Oz 40 %
10/12 Oz 20 %
12 Oz UP 10 %
13,40 USD/Lb CFR Main ports

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MCS Trading Food sagl MCS Trading Food sagl Today from Holland  Selling proposal Mon 20/3/2023 09.09

Aviable on 22/03/23 in Europe

JJ seafoods JJ seafoods we can supply Sea caught Gamberi Indopacifici for EU market .  Selling proposal Sat 18/3/2023 16.01

can offer Blanched sea caught shrimps Indian origin 80-120 , 100-200 ,200-300 ,300-500 , Broken

- Hidden user - - Hidden user - FRESH SEABREAM  Selling proposal Thu 16/3/2023 13.44



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