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Company Country Address
Bubiak Adam. Sklep rybny Poland Koscielna 4 Sucha Beskidzka
Budek Stefan. Sklep rybny Poland 21 (p-ta Nysa) Glebinów
Bud-Kol. PHU. Winiarski K. Poland pl. Kaszubski 7 Kolbudy
Budlew. Zaklad handlowy Poland Okrzei 59
Budniewska Bogumila. Sklep spozywczo - rybny Poland Poniatowskiego 2 Wabrzezno
Buko. Hurtownia lodów i mrozonek. Buczek J. Poland Bierunska 63 Pszczyna
Bukowska Bozena. Sklep rybno - spozywczy Poland Sloneczna 13 Elblag
Buks Danuta. Sklep rybny Poland Warszawska 117b Lomianki
Bulan. Sklep wedkarski Poland Imbramowska 28 Kraków
Burek Kazimierz. Sprzedaz ryb Poland Kolejowa 3 Struga
Bykowski Slawomir. Sklep rybny Poland Powstania Listopadowego 1d Gdansk
C C Jensen Polska Sp zoo (Overseas Office) Poland Ludwinowska 117 Warsaw
C&T MARINE CONSULTANTS LTD (HEAD OFFICE) Poland ul Graniczna 25 PL-81-626 Gdynia
C. HARTWIG GDYNIA SA Poland ul. Derdowskiego 7
C.K. Marine Agency. Sp. z o.o. Poland Tkacka 65 lok.2 Szczecin
Caban Teresa. Sklep rybny Poland Reymonta 1 Skierniewice
Cabinplant Sp. z.o.o. Poland ul. Nowowiejska 36 Katy Wroclawskie
Caça e Pesca J B Poland Rua 25 Abril Bl C-lj 4 Riba Ave RIBA DE AVE
CAFREX (Head Office) Poland Konradowa 11 Nysa
Calfrost. Produkcja, skladowanie i dystrybucja mrozonej zywnosci Poland Wroclawska 31 Kalisz
Calpol. S.j. Hurtownia lodów, mrozonek Poland Bugajska 54 Czestochowa
Camaro SC. Sklep wedkarski. Róg W.M. Poland Warszawska 109a Legionowo
Capri. Hurtownia mrozonek, lodów, wyrobów gastronomii Poland Braci Mieroszewskich 57 Sosnowiec
Caro SC. Sklep rybny Poland Tatrzanska 124a Lódz
Caro-Pol. S.j. Pomorskie Centrum Hurtu Rybnego Poland Jarzebinowa 32
Carpentaria Poland
Ceglowski Tomasz. Sklep wedkarsko - zoologiczny Poland Zabikowska 47 Lubon
Celejewska Danuta. Sklep rybny Poland Slawików 6 Rybnik
Centek. Sklep z art. wedkarskimi Poland Królowej Jadwigi 13a Nysa
Centrala Rybna Poland Chrzanowskiego 23a
Centrala Rybna SC. Sklep rybny Poland Sukiennice 5 Brzeg
Centrala Rybna. Hurtownia. Kwiatek M. Poland Grunwaldzka 15
Centrala Rybna. Kolasinska M. Poland Garbary 67
Centrala Rybna. PPH Poland Legionów 31
Centrala Rybna. Sp. z o.o. Poland Pyskowicka 8
Centrala Rybna. Sp. z o.o. PHP Poland Teatralna Ruda Slaska
Centrala Rybna. Sp. z o.o. PPHU Poland Mickiewicza 84
Centrala Rybna. Sp.j. Ryby, przetwory, mrozonki Poland Zygmuntowska 17
Centromor S.A Poland Okopowa str 7 Gdansk
Centromor SA - Foreign Trade Corp (Head Office) Poland ul Okopowa 7 Gdansk
CENTROMOST - Stocznia Rzeczna w Plocku (Head Office) Poland ul Poplacinska 42 Plock
Centromost. Stocznia rzeczna. Sp. z o.o. Poland Poplacinska 42 Plock
Centrum Neptuna. Sklep rybny Poland Renesansowa 11 Warszawa
Centrum. Sklep wedkarski Poland Zeromskiego 1 Sandomierz
Certa - Trzebiez Spólka z. o.o. Poland ul. Portowa 1 Trzebiez
Certa SC. Hurtownia rybna Poland Lukasiewicza 1b
Certa SC. Sklep wedkarski. Puczka M. i Spólka Poland al. Pokoju 12 Czestochowa
Certa. Hurtownia ryb i przetworów rybnych Poland Sadowa 52
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- Loin
- Saku
- Steak
Quality: AAA
CO/TS treated
Packing: IQF, IVP, 1kg x 10/carton
Market: USA, Canada
Best quality come straight out of the manufacture
Welcome inquiries
For the best price please contact me at:
Phone: +84 931 886 307 - Mr. Sean
(Viber, WhatsApp, Line)

Nghi Son Foods Group, Vietnm Nghi Son Foods Group, Vietnm Yellowfin Tuna Products - Nghi Son Foods Group  Selling proposal Tue 27/2/2024 09.28

Frozen Yellowfin Tuna Loin CO/ TS Treated for Sushi, Sashimi
Size: 3-5 lbs, 5-8 lbs
Packing: IQF, IVP,10-20 lbs/carton.
EU Code: DL-688, DL-947
Certificates: FDA; CFIA; HACCP; DL-688 ; DL-947; MSC; NOAA; FOS; Dolphin Safe, Captain Statement; Simple Table,...
Contact me for the best price
Phone/WhatsApp/Viber/ Wechat: +84 906 611 704 (Ms. Athena)
Skype: live:.cid.d864a3b38236777

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Nghi Son Foods Group Nghi Son Foods Group Frozen YELLOWFIN TUNA LOIN with CO treatment  Selling proposal Tue 27/2/2024 08.59

🐟 Frozen Yellowfin Tuna Loin Co Treated
Always pass 100% FDA quality suitable for all market
👉 Latin Name: Thunnus Albacares
👉 Specs: Skin-off, boneless, bloodline removed, net weight 100%, 👉 Size: 3-5lbs, 5-8lbs or 2kg + ....
Center cut or full loin follow customer requirement.
💰 Competitive pricing, flexible monthly quantities.
📧 Contact for inquiries:
📲 Jemmy: (WhatsApp)
👉 Choose quality - Choose us! 👈
#Yellowfin_Tuna #tunaLoin, #tuna_saku, #tuna_steak, #tuna_cube, #tuna_ground_meet, #tuna_kama, #tuna_belly, #vietnam_tuna_facture #vietnam_tuna_processor, #Thunnus_Albacares, #Nghisonfoodsgroup

Nghi Son Foods Group Nghi Son Foods Group Promotion Yellowfin Tuna  Selling proposal Tue 27/2/2024 08.31

I am Johnny from Nghi Son Foods Group, a leading tuna factory in Vietnam. We are exporting mainly to America, Russia, Europe and Philippines.
Our certificates: HACCP, NAFIQAD, MSC, FDA, BRC, Dolphin Safe, FOS...
EU code: DL 688, DL 947, HK 695
Featured tuna products in our portfolio:
-Trimmed Meat
-Ground Meat
Our products come in CO/TS/Vitamin Treated and Natural.
Kindly tell us what your budget is, and we will give you products that fit your budget.
WhatsApp: +84 931442207

BASEAFOOD 2 COMPANY BASEAFOOD 2 COMPANY Dried Baby Crab 🦀, the key ingredient behind the well-loved crispy baby crab snacks in Japan, Tamagogani 玉子カニ .  Selling proposal Tue 27/2/2024 04.58

👉Various options to choose from: Frozen raw baby crab, Dried raw baby crab, Ready-to-eat crispy baby crab, Ready-to-eat crispy baby crab with sesame.
💠Origin: Vietnam, wild-caught
💠Manufacturing Plant: Baseafood, DL 484, HK 242
💠Size: 2-5 g/pc, Moisture <15%
💠Customized packaging options available: bulk packing 5kg/10kg or retail packing
💠Shelf-life: 24 months in frozen conditions
💠Suitable for Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, ... markets
Product information:
For pricing and specific requirements, please contact us:
📞+84 702 520 288
🌟Join us on our journey:

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