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Company Country Address
Lotus International Shipping Services Corporation Jordan Rashied
MADIS CO Jordan Swefiah Amman
Malak International Shipping Co. Jordan Amman
Maltrans Shipping Agencies Co. Jordan Amman
Manara Shipping Co. Jordan Abdali
Mathhar Abu Al-Ragheb Trad. Agency Jordan Amman
Midras International Freight Services Jordan Amman
Modern Transport Co. Jordan Amman
Mohammad S. Abu-Rumman & Sons Jordan Amman
Moh'd Tayseer Sahloul Co. Jordan Amman
Musa Issa Hassan Est. Jordan Ashrafia
Mushtaha Fish Center Jordan Marka
Na'anoah Trading Services Office Jordan Al Nasser
Nabil Food Jordan P.O.Box 97, Amman Industrial Estate Sahab
Naouri Group Of Companies Jordan Abdali
naser for shipping and trading company Jordan alhurriya street amman
National Clearing & Transport Jordan Aqaba
National Shipping Services Co. Ltd. Jordan Abdali
Nebras Courior Services Jordan Abdali
Nemer Shipping Services Est. Jordan Abdali
New Ports International Jordan Abdali
NEWPORT TRADING AGENCY Jordan Po Box 6166 151 Hashimi Street Amman
Nile International Freight Services Jordan Tla Al Ali
NUMEIRA MIXED SALTS & MUD CO LTD Jordan Po Box 941681 Amman
OCEAN FOR FRESH FISH COLLECTION Jordan Abdali-Policy street Amman
Ocean Fresh Fish & Sea Food Jordan Wadi Essir
Ocean Fresh Fish Center Jordan B.O.BOx 212247 Amman 11121 Jordan
Ocean Maritime Agencies Jordan Tla Al Ali
Orabia Shipping & International Transport Jordan Tla Al Ali
Orbit Shipping & Int'l Transport Co. Jordan Aqaba
Orient Express Est. Jordan Abdali
Orient Shipping Co Jordan Amman
Orient Transport Co. Jordan Abu Alanda
Orientals Shipping & Forwarding Jordan Abdali
Pacific Ocean Jordan Abdali
Palestine Fish Shop Jordan Amman
Pearl Shipping Services Jordan Abdali
PETRA NAVIGATION & INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. Jordan White Star Building, King Husain Street Amman
Petra Navigation International Trading Co. Jordan Abdali
Philadelphia Corporation For Shipping Agencies Jordan Abdali
Philadelphia Marine Agencies Est. Jordan Abdali
Pioneer Ship Chartering International Corp. Jordan Tla Al Ali
Pioneer Ship Charting Est. Jordan Amman
Quich Cargo Center Jordan Abdali
Radwan Masri Office Jordan Amman
Ramallah Meat Center Jordan Um Qsair
Reef Aqwarioum Jordan Abdali
Rum Shipping & Int'l Transport Co. Jordan Tla Al Ali
Sa'adeh Shipping Services Co. Jordan Shmeisani - 33 Abu Sufian Str. Amman
Sahouri Fishery Jordan Marka
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Humboldt Europe BV Humboldt Europe BV Humboldt Seafood  Selling proposal Thu 26/1/2023 11.39

We offer cooked shrimps, MAP chain off yellowfin tuna loins, Japanese and USA scallops, cooked octopus, fresh white fish (Cod, skrei, coley, haddock..) and others.

If interested, please contact me for more information
whatsapp: +31639277129

KAI-TO TRADING AND SERVICES CO.,LTD KAI-TO TRADING AND SERVICES CO.,LTD Seafood seller  Selling proposal Wed 25/1/2023 17.38

We export frozen seafood

Vannamei shrimp and black tiger shrimp

Please contact me
Whatsapp 0911590417


Tuna (Frozen )
Salmon ( fresh )
Hamachi ( frozen )

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Ste. Jafeth Group Sarl Ste. Jafeth Group Sarl Request to purchase your Frozen Fish, Seafood include other products from your company  Selling proposal Fri 20/1/2023 16.03

JAFETH GROUP SARL is a Company dedicated to the importation and distribution. Our offices, based in Altantique

Region - (Cotonou) Republique du Benin. Main Products: such as Frozen Fish, Seafood Frozen Chicken and Poultry products and other Products. Send us the offer to our email:

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Shangri-La Seafoods Shangri-La Seafoods I want vannaei shrimps from Malaysia to Turkey . If anyone can do please let me know .  Purchase request Fri 20/1/2023 13.08

Please let me know if anyone can do .

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