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Company Country Address
AG Seafood s.r.o. Czech Republic Za Avií 2 Praha 9
AKVATIKA s.r.o. Czech Republic Chebska 38/5, Dvory, Karlovy Vary Karlovy Vary
Albert (Supermarket) AHOLD Czech Republic, a.s. Czech Republic Radlická 117 Praha
AMJ-Prague Trading Czech Republic Žitná 52, Prague 2 Prague
ANGLOSERVIS Czech Republic Heritesova 89 Vodnany
Animalco a.s Czech Republic
AQUAFLUO: Chlorophyll fluorescence in aquatic sciences meeting Czech Republic Nove Hrady Conference Centre
Artemia World s.r.o. Czech Republic Proutena 405 Prague
Beckman Coulter Czech Republic s.r.o. Czech Republic Radiová 1122/1 Praha (102 27)
Black Marine Seafood s.r.o. Czech Republic Opletalova 983/45 Praha
Blatenska Ryba, spol s.r.o. Czech Republic Na Prikopech 747 Marianske Lazne
Carpio Spol s.r.o. Czech Republic Hluboka N. Vltavou Ceske Budejovice
Chov lososovitych ryb Czech Republic Kunvald c 380 Kunvald, Usti Nad Orl
CIPA spol. s.r.o. Czech Republic Horejší nábreží 368/II Praha
CSA Catering Czech Republic K letisti 160 08 Praha
Czech Fish Farmers Association Czech Republic Prazska trida 58 Ceske Budejovice
DAWID PAPA Czech Republic Stepanska Praga
Denas Ltd Studenka Czech Republic Druzstevni 246 Studenka
Dibaq A.S. Czech Republic Helvikovice, 90 Zamberk
Dvur Lnare, spol. s.r.o Czech Republic Lnare 18, Lnare
Enterprise Ireland -Czech Republic- Czech Republic Trziste 13 Prague 1
Eurosolutions Ltd. Czech Republic STRESOVICKA 49 Praga
FISH FOOD A.S Czech Republic Rybárská 801 Trebon
FISH MASTERS, S.R.O. BUSINESS CENTRUM Czech Republic Kostelecká 879
Fish Stock Assessment Methods For Lakes And Reservoirs: Towards The True Picture Of Fish Stock Czech Republic Ceske Budejovice
Fjord Bohemia spol. s r. o. Czech Republic Za Avií 914/2 Praha (Prague) 9,
GALAXY Trade, sro - LARS JAKOBSEN Czech Republic
Geronimo Ltd, s.r.o. Czech Republic Urbankova 71, Prague
HATV Czech Republic Tychonova 3 Prague
Ing. Joachimsthai Martin Czech Republic Sídliste 1616 Zirovnice,
ing. Savo Mardesic-Antun Mardesic Czech Republic Praha 4
Interflon Czech, S.R.O. Czech Republic Jeremiasova 947 Praha 5
International Trading an Investment Ltd Czech Republic Taborska 35 Prague 4
INTERVET S.R.O. Czech Republic Sûsická 32
Jan KOLOWRAT Krakowsky Czech Republic Rybarsky zavod,
Jihoceska univerzita v C.Budejovicich Czech Republic Zatisi 728/II Vodnany
Josef Vanek Czech Republic Lipová 347 Tabor
KAREL SCHWARZENBERG, LESNI SPRAVA ORLIK NAD VLTAVOU Czech Republic Rybarstvi Cimelice Orlik nad Vltavou
Kaufland (Supermarket) Czech Republic
KF Holysov Czech Republic Holysov 16 Lukavec
Kimbex s.r.o. Czech Republic Salounova 40, PO BOX 50 Ostrava Vitkovice
Kinskeho rybarstvi, s.r.o. Czech Republic Sazavou 2 59102 Zdar nad Sazavou Zdar nad Sazavou
KOR a DO v.o.s Czech Republic 17 Listopsay 181 Pardubice
LANEX A.S. Czech Republic Hlucinska 1 Bolatice
Lesy a rybarstvi Velke Mezirici, s. r. o. Czech Republic Zamecke schody Velke Mezirici
LESY A RYBNIKY MESTA CESKYCH BUDEJOVIC, S.R.O. Czech Republic aroslava Haska 4 Ceske Budejovice
Lesy Hluboka n. Vltavou A.S. Czech Republic Lesní 691 Hluboká nad Vltavou
Lisno s.r.o. Czech Republic Konopiste 24, Benesov u Prahy
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Marine Pack Marine Pack fresh chilled tuna and sword fish  Purchase request Mon 5/12/2022 12.10

we need fresh chilled tuna and sword fish. Please whatsapp +254 777 476 337

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Marine Pack Marine Pack Live and frozen lobsters  Selling proposal Mon 5/12/2022 09.07

we need to sell live and frozen lobsters

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- Hidden user - - Hidden user - Today from Holland  Selling proposal Mon 5/12/2022 07.56

Aviable on 07/12/22 in Europe

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Pirooz Bahr Jonoub Pirooz Bahr Jonoub FROZEN VANNAMEI SHRIMP  Selling proposal Mon 5/12/2022 05.39

During the last 22 years, our company has been operating in the field of trade. And now, with the production of 1000 tons of cultured shrimp per year, we have entered the field of aquaculture.
These products are of the highest quality compared to global manufacturers and are available in all sizes and reasonable prices.
Therefore, we are ready to cooperate with reputable companies in the field of buying and trading aquatic products.
Tel and Whatsapp: +989171700090

MCS Trading Food sagl MCS Trading Food sagl Top quality fish from Holland  Selling proposal Fri 2/12/2022 07.47

Aviable on 04/12 in Europe

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