Vik Torg Røyse , Norway
Tel: +47 23 05 45 95
Fax: +47 23 05 45 96

Email: edco@edco.no

Website: http://www.edco.no

A/S EDCO is a leading supplier of galley and laundry equipment to the marine market. Our scope of supply includes all the machinery and units needed in your galley and laundry as well as the stainless steel furniture. Additionally, we also supply hotwater calorifiers. We deliver our equipment to wellknown shipowners and shipyards worldwide. Since our company was established 1945, we have equipped more than 5500 ships, comprising merchant navy, fishing vessels, oil platforms, passenger ships and feries, naval ships. Our equipment is manufactured in Europe and thoroughly tested for marine use, and is characterized by strong execution, and constructed for easy operation and service. Machinery and spareparts we ship worldwide form our stock in Oslo. Also, we offer the supply of spareparts for other European makers.