Sabik Oy

Merituulentie 30 Porvoo , Finland
Tel: +358 19-560 1100
Fax: +358 19-560 1120


Sabik Oy is a company with its base in Finland and operations global. We are specialists in design and manufacturing of visual aids to navigation. The waters around Finland are among the most challenging in the world to navigate. They are characterised by dense fog, high winds, seasonal ice, freezing rain, blizzards and months without daylight. These circumstances require highest standards of quality both in development and manufacturing. Sabik is leading in adapting the newest technology to our industry.  Our product range consists of a wide selection of high performance optical lanterns and signals. Our lanterns are based on LED technology. We have chosen a modular approach to our product design. Therefore it´s easy to upgrade and modify our components to meet the fast changing technology challengies. All Sabik lanterns are adapted to remote monitoring and control.