Taimen Group - Taimen Oy

Ailakinkatu 7 Jyväskylä , Finland
Tel: +358 20 7191 780

Email: taimen@taimen-yhtiot.fi

Website: http://www.taimen-yhtiot.fi/taimen-group/

Founded in 1964, Taimen Group is one of the oldest companies in the fish industry in Finland and the leading actor in the field in Finland and Sweden. The group is specialised in farming and processing rainbow trout, whitefish, and Saimaa Arctic charr, as well as fingerling production of lake trout, sea trout, lake salmon, Atlantic salmon, and Saimaa Arctic charr. The parent company of the group is Taimen Ltd and its subsidiaries are Ålands Fiskförädling Ltd, Pensarin Taimen Ltd, as well as Myrskylän Hautomo Ltd. Taimen Group has 30 fish processing plants in mainland Finland, Åland, and Sweden. The overall production of Taimen Group is about 8 million kg, which comprises of 60% of the total production of rainbow trout for food in Finland. Taimen Group is the only company in Finland that can provide fresh fish to wholesalers and further processors throughout the year.