10th & M Seafoods Inc.

1020 M. STREET Anchorage , United States of America
Tel: +1 907 272 3474
Fax: +1 907 272 1685

Email: tenmsea@alaska.net

Website: http://www.10thandmseafoods.com

Back in 1938 the location that is now 10th & M Seafoods was a mink farm.  The freezers held food for the fur-bearing bounty.  In 1943 we started renting freezer space for hunters and fisherman in our state.  The mink are long gone but we still rent out lockers for wild game and fish storage.     Over the years we've developed a worldwide reputation for our custom processing services.  Fisherman and women bring their fresh catch to us for processing to their specifications and shipment to their home.  On request we can delay shipment until the customer is back home.  This is a very popular option for visitors from Europe and Japan.     Alaska boasts a coastline longer than the entire South - 48 and from the pristine waters off the coast comes the rich harvest available at 10th & M.  We purchase fresh seafood from fishermen around the state.  Crab, shrimp, halibut and salmon are processed into fresh or frozen packs for our retail outlet, for wholesale to Alaskan restaurants, and for shipment almost anywhere in the world.