Sloga International, Ltd.

Zapaden Bulevar bb
Kavadarci Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
Tel: +389 7121 8772
Fax: +389 043 400 230



Sloga International is relatively young company having on mind that was founded in February 2007 , but anyway the roots of the company are not connected with the company’s constitution agreement. As a result of increased import-export activities in the already operating company Sloga Prom , the need for separate branch of the company became necessity. This import- export activities are the base of Sloga International. In any case the formation of the company is not accidental and with its activities and successful management Sloga Internacional undertakes almost all foreign trade activities. Company’s development plan has ambitious aim to increase international trade starting with import of frozen products for the needs of Sloga Prom. Sloga International is fully equipped with skilled marketing managers and the owner of the company itself has a master degree for marketing management that implements modern way of trade and marketing organization as well as distributive plan according European and world standards. In a very short period of time as a result of the aggressive marketing research the company achieved to increase the percentage of import and to enlarge the assortment for one quarter for 23%, and from the side of distribution as a result of marketing promotion the placement has also increased. The large success in a very short period is an additional motive to enlarge company’s activities and to implement all available means for promotion and potential business.

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Origin Turkiye

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€ 5,50

Stock: 15 ton
All frozen products have 20% glaze.

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aviable today, delivery in Europe on 14/15 August

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Aviable for delivery in Italy on 14/08/22

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