Companies : Namibia : Atlantic Harvesters of Namibia (Pty) Ltd

Atlantic Harvesters of Namibia (Pty) Ltd

UNITED FISHING has a wholly owned subsidiary namely Atlantic Harvesters of Namibia (Pty) Ltd which is a holder of a horse mackerel midwater trawl concession. Atlantic Harvesters of Namibia (Pty) Ltd in turn has a share in Trachurus Fishing (Pty) Ltd which is a joint venture company with other smaller midwater trawl horse mackerel concessionaires together with Namsov Fishing Enterprises (Pty) Ltd. The cannery of UNITED FISHING processes pilchard into canned fish as well as hake and snoek into pickled fish, curried fish and smoorsnoek. All canned products are sold under the OCEAN FRESH label, which is owned by United Fishing. UNITED FISHING processes industrial fish into fishmeal and fish oil. Typical protein content of the fishmeal is above 65%. The fishmeal is of a good quality and well suited for feeds for ruminants. The fishmeal is packed in 50kg and sold under the UNITED FISHING ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD brand. Approximately 95% of the canned pilchard, canned pickled fish, canned curried fish and canned smoorsnoek are sold in the South African market. The balance of the production is sold in the Namibian market. Certain quantities of canned pilchard are sold to retailers, i.e. Shoprite and Spar under their house brand names. Most of the fishmeal and fish oil production is sold to the Chinese market. UNITED FISHING sells canned fish products, frozen horse mackerel, frozen hake, fresh & frozen oysters as well as various other frozen sea products, fishmeal and fish oil in smaller quantities at its fish shop which is situated at the factory’s main gate. Sales are made to the public at large as well as to wholesalers and retailers at very competitive prices.

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