Benvenuto S.A.C.I. - Acquired in 2005 by Arcor Group

Hipolito Yrigoyen 2576 Ciudad Autonoma de Bueos Aires , Argentina
Tel: +54 (011) 4952-60


Benvenuto is a leader in the food sector in Argentina was established over 90 years ago company. The quality has always been a constant in their development and growth , and is linked to Grupo Arcor because both companies are from Argentina with a long tradition and a strong emotional connection with consumers. Today it has three manufacturing plants in Mar del Plata, Mendoza and Black River , and 300 acres of farms in the province of Mendoza, dedicated to the production of fruits used for canning and pulp. In late 2005 , the Group acquired the traditional Arcor Argentina SACI Benvenuto company , leader in food products in the local market. So , he joined the lines of canned fish , tomatoes , vegetables , fresh milk , jam, fruit toppings of a portfolio of highly valued brands as La Campagnola , Nereida , BC, Salsati , Poncho Black , among others.