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MCS Trading Food

Via Lucino 28
Breganzona 6932 Switzerland



Who we are:
For over 20 years we have been operating in the European, American and Asian fish market.
We represent a sales office for producers and at the same time a purchasing office for buyers, thus guaranteeing both of them a wide network of information, services and products.
We are a dynamic and multilingual team that has trained working in the world of production starting from the farms of the North Sea, passing by Dutch and Scottish fishing boats up to the Hong Kong fish market.
We are currently present in the following markets: China, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, North America, Norway, Holland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland.
Why choose us:
We are the contact person who can provide you with the exact photo of the market, guaranteeing the quality of the product at the best possible price.
With the experience gained over the years, we are able to offer our customers not only fish products, but also advice aimed at both the development of new business projects and the search for new potential market niches.

What is a food broker
One of the most important figures in the business intermediation sector is, without doubt, that of the broker or broker who creates a direct and personal contact between the parties of the deal with economic connotations in conditions of absolute impartiality and tertiary with respect to them . A classic example of the benefit of the broker is given by the insurance market where thanks to a single interlocutor one is able to screen a very large number of proposals from various companies saving time and money thus breaking down the barrier to the entry of a market to us stranger.
Also in the food sector there is the role of the broker who, as a mediator, puts the world of production in contact with the world of distribution, providing information and services that are indispensable for all parties involved.

What are the advantages of using a broker?
Relying on a broker means having a consultant for the management of purchases at 360 degrees by virtue of his knowledge of the products offered by the market. In fact, the broker can freely compare and identify the most suitable manufacturer in terms of quality and convenience for the client company. In this perspective, the services offered by the broker represent a great opportunity to recover internal resources and reduce costs for the company.
So the strengths of the broker are bargaining ability, its continuous monitoring of the market and a proactive approach to any problems in the sector that result in a substantial improvement in the market in which it operates.

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Newly package Salmon fillets large sizes
Trim C-D
New production stock.
size: 1.4-1.8kg, 1.8-2.2kg.

Salmon Bits & Pieces,skin on,skinless
off cuts,Scrape meat

welcome your inquiries!
For quotation price, please contact me at:

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Welcome to BASEAFOOD 2 company, a leading seafood processor and exporter from Vietnam.
Featured Products:
- Dried Baby Shrimp: freshly caught and perfectly sun-dried, no salt, size 1-3 cm, packed in bulk or retail bag.
- Frozen Salted Baby Shrimp: 75% Shrimp mixed with 25% salt water, high quality and freshness, size 1-3 cm/pc, packed in 15kg drums or 500g/1kg bottle.
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Ms Nguyen - Sales manager
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I am Johnny from Nghi Son Foods Group, a leading tuna factory in Vietnam. We are exporting mainly to America, Russia, Europe and Philippines.
Our certificates: HACCP, NAFIQAD, MSC, FDA, BRC, Dolphin Safe, FOS...
EU code: DL 688, DL 947, HK 695
Featured tuna products in our portfolio:
-Trimmed Meat
-Ground Meat
Our products come in CO/TS/Vitamin Treated and Natural.
Kindly tell us what your budget is, and we will give you products that fit your budget.
WhatsApp: +84 931442207

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Tuna in brine, Tuna in oil..
If you are interested them, please contact me:

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