Companies : China : Guangdong Nanfengwang Technology Co. Ltd

Guangdong Nanfengwang Technology Co. Ltd

No.6A 506-507, Zhonggang Plaza, World Exhibition&Convention Center, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
Dongguan 523591 China


Guangdong Nanfengwang Tech Co., the brother company with Hong Kong Souther international (Group)Co., Ltd. The factory is located in Xiegang, Dongguan. It covers an area of 50 thousand square meters, more than RMB 101 million of registered capital, 500 employees. As one of the most professional manufacturers of PE cage and the complete equipments of sea, we can produce the cages in most complete specifications.
Not only we can develop, design and produce products independently, but also we can produce cages according to customer's special request and the complete equipments. The company is equipped with complete production equipment. We can produce more than 10,000cages each year. The material of the cage is toughness and aging resistance, hardly need maintenance. The life time of the pontoon cages are more than 15 years, and the service life of deep-water cage is more than 25 years. They are anti-wind, anti-current and anti-wave
We have more than 20 patents related to Deep-water anti wind and wave cage. We are the drafting unit of national cage industry standard and the executive vice president unit of China fishing boat / fishing machine / fishing gear industry association. At the same time, it has established close cooperation with domestic aquatic scientific research institutions and colleges, and is committed to the development of marine high-tech industry.


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Marine Pack Marine Pack fresh chilled tuna and sword fish  Purchase request Mon 5/12/2022 12.10

we need fresh chilled tuna and sword fish. Please whatsapp +254 777 476 337

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Marine Pack Marine Pack Live and frozen lobsters  Selling proposal Mon 5/12/2022 09.07

we need to sell live and frozen lobsters

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- Hidden user - - Hidden user - Today from Holland  Selling proposal Mon 5/12/2022 07.56

Aviable on 07/12/22 in Europe

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Pirooz Bahr Jonoub Pirooz Bahr Jonoub FROZEN VANNAMEI SHRIMP  Selling proposal Mon 5/12/2022 05.39

During the last 22 years, our company has been operating in the field of trade. And now, with the production of 1000 tons of cultured shrimp per year, we have entered the field of aquaculture.
These products are of the highest quality compared to global manufacturers and are available in all sizes and reasonable prices.
Therefore, we are ready to cooperate with reputable companies in the field of buying and trading aquatic products.
Tel and Whatsapp: +989171700090

MCS Trading Food sagl MCS Trading Food sagl Top quality fish from Holland  Selling proposal Fri 2/12/2022 07.47

Aviable on 04/12 in Europe

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