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BD Shrimp Trading is a well-established company to catering all your shrimp needs from Bangladesh with safety and security.

Our goal is to supply the best-quality shrimps, worldwide.

BD Shrimp is also dedicated to delivering the Finest shrimp from Bangladesh at reasonable prices.

We will work on sourcing a complete range of Bangladeshi Shrimps, its Production supervision, Quality control, and pre-shipment inspection as per your instruction.

To improve the company’s value, we strictly maintain quality and commitment. And Sourcing from the most sustainable and reliable sources in Bangladesh.

Thus, we will always strive to grow into a better company than we were yesterday.

In addition, as a person involved in seafood last 10 years, we believe that ensuring the safety of our products is of paramount importance. I'm working hard for it

We look forward to your continuing support in the future.

Rafiqul Islam Rafi

President & CEO