Companies : Iran : Omid Farhaninejad Asl Fish and Shrimp Processing & Packaging Co.

Omid Farhaninejad Asl Fish and Shrimp Processing & Packaging Co.

Tiab industrial zone-Minab-Hormozgan province
Tiab Iran
Tel: +989120631027
Tel: +98(61)53231433
Whatsapp +989045721303



Amiran Omid Abadan Company is proud of its more than 15 years of experience in exporting and wholesaling of seafood products, including various kinds of fish (Indian Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Lizard fish, Eel fish, Ribbon fish,Salmon and more), shrimp, crab, lobster, along with export sales of chicken feet and chicken paw, around the world. Our company has an export certificate to EU countries and also we have export certificate to Russia with the code number 7070 .
Our company, having a factory and several shrimp farms in Iran, specializes in all the shrimp farming processes from A to Z, including hatchery, nursery(larvae), processing, packaging and finally exporting.
Our company has offices in Iran, Dubai and Oman and it has export history to famous and big countries, mainly exporting of frozen Vannamei shrimp (HOSO/HLSO shrimp and more) and Ribbon Fish to China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, UAE, Kuwait, Oman and other countries.
We offer you the best products with the best quality and with competitive prices.
Please contact us with your needs or for any other inquiries, you may have.

Farhaninejad Asl Fish and Shrimp Processing & packaging Co.

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Marine Pack Marine Pack fresh chilled tuna and sword fish  Purchase request Mon 5/12/2022 12.10

we need fresh chilled tuna and sword fish. Please whatsapp +254 777 476 337

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Marine Pack Marine Pack Live and frozen lobsters  Selling proposal Mon 5/12/2022 09.07

we need to sell live and frozen lobsters

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- Hidden user - - Hidden user - Today from Holland  Selling proposal Mon 5/12/2022 07.56

Aviable on 07/12/22 in Europe

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Pirooz Bahr Jonoub Pirooz Bahr Jonoub FROZEN VANNAMEI SHRIMP  Selling proposal Mon 5/12/2022 05.39

During the last 22 years, our company has been operating in the field of trade. And now, with the production of 1000 tons of cultured shrimp per year, we have entered the field of aquaculture.
These products are of the highest quality compared to global manufacturers and are available in all sizes and reasonable prices.
Therefore, we are ready to cooperate with reputable companies in the field of buying and trading aquatic products.
Tel and Whatsapp: +989171700090

MCS Trading Food sagl MCS Trading Food sagl Top quality fish from Holland  Selling proposal Fri 2/12/2022 07.47

Aviable on 04/12 in Europe

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