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Welcome to TGV de Colombia! Your Trusted Partner in Aquaculture Solutions

TGV de Colombia is a young and dynamic company committed to the development of products for various sectors of the economy and the optimization of its processes through the use of plastic meshes.

The company is committed to the environment to minimize the impact on nature by implementing circular economy and the use of eco-friendly additives in products.

As part of its process, it recovers raw material and products whose cycle has culminated, and then uses them again in said production process without affecting the final quality of the product.

Market innovative and excellent quality products that generate development for the different sectors of the economy. We are committed to our strategic allies, customers, collaborators, distributors and users, which is why we work hard to meet your requirements, providing excellent service.

At TGV, we’re passionate about supporting aquaculturists worldwide. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality plastic meshes, we offer tailored solutions to enhance your aquaculture operations. Our focus lies in providing durable, efficient, and eco-friendly products that meet the unique demands of the industry.

Our Product Range:

Oyster Bags: Designed for oyster farming, our sturdy mesh bags ensure optimal water flow and protection for your valuable stock.

NASA Nets: Our specialized NASA nets promote healthy fish growth by maintaining water quality and preventing predator intrusion.

Filter Meshes: Keep your water filtration systems efficient with our precision-engineered filter meshes, available in various sizes.

Bird-Proof Nets: Protect your aquaculture ponds from avian pests using our durable bird-proof nets.

Multipack Meshes: Versatile and customizable, our multipack meshes serve multiple purposes, from containment to separation.

And Much More, explore our range and experience the TGV difference. Let’s grow together!