A. Espersen Lietuva UAB

Pramones gatve15 Klaipeda , Lithuania
Tel: +370 46 347244
Fax: +370 46 347500

Email: Klaipeda@espersen.lt

Website: http://www.espersen.lt

Espersen was founded in Denmark in 1937 with the purpose of taking advantage of the abundance of cod in the Baltic Sea region. The company was established by J.P.A. Espersen with its first premises on Bornholm, an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Since then, constant growth has transformed it into one of the world´s most important white fish processing corporations with a staff of more than 1100 employees in modern production plants in Denmark, Poland, Lithuania and China. Today, with an annual turnover of more than 200 million Euros, Espersen is considered a financially well consolidated company basing its transactions on strong partnerships with both suppliers and customers. During September 2009 Espersen complete the acquisition of the remaining shares of Rahbekfisk.