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To better control the traceability of products sold and to ensure a continuous supply and quality, according to the standards of European fisheries, the Musketeers have opted for a strategy for integrating the pole "Seafood". Thus, at the initiative of Jean-Pierre Le Roch, was established in 1993, the Scapêche, ensuring the management of arms and catch fish and seafood With its 17 vessels and 220 fishermen, the Scapêche is now the first OWNER oF FRESH FISH in France. Meanwhile, the industrial adventure of the Musketeers in the industry Wed continued with the integration of product processing of the Sea Today, the Musketeers are owners of two production units of seafood on 4 sites, making it the first fish merchant in France. It is with these two entities that will provide the Group's five logistics platforms, databases SCAMER (Lorient, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Bordeaux, Bordeaux, and Frontignan Mions), in charge of distribution outlets. They cover nearly 40,000 tons of seafood annually, to supply daily 2,000 outlets.