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Calle 154 No. 301 esquina a 3ra., Reparto Nautico - Playa301
La Habana Cuba
Tel: +53 7 208 6411
Fax: +53 7 208 6409



The mission of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department of FAO is to facilitate and secure the long-term sustainable development and utilization of the world's fisheries and aquaculture. FAO is acutely aware of the fundamental social and economic role played by these two sectors in: Meeting global and national sustainable food security. Providing self and paid employment for fishing and aquaculture related communities as a means of alleviating poverty in these fishing communities and stemming rural/urban drift. Contributing to national and international trade. Generating income

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Binh Phu Seafood Binh Phu Seafood We can supply Baby Octopus  Selling proposal Tue 30/5/2023 08.25

🐙 Whole Cleaned Baby Octopus🐙
IQF or Block frozen
Origin: Vietnam
Size: 16/25, 25/40, 40/60, 60/80, 80up

Please contact me (Ms. Linda) if you are interested.
✉ Email:
📱 WhatsApp/Kakaotalk: +84 355 231 010
📞 Skype: live:.cid.737dd5233879f402

#octopus #babyoctopus #seafood #frozenfood #frozenseafood #vietnam #seafoodinvietnam #BPSEA #binhphuseafood

Yaniv Import and Marketing Ltd Yaniv Import and Marketing Ltd Kosher frozen fish of all kinds  Purchase request Tue 30/5/2023 00.39

Importer in Israel An import and marketing company is ready to receive price offers for kosher frozen fish

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Pt. Awindo International Pt. Awindo International Yellowfin Tuna  Selling proposal Fri 26/5/2023 09.54

We can supply:
Frozen Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares) loin, skinless, boneless, blood meat off.
size 1-2 kg/pc, size 2+ kg/pc
IQF, IWP, 25kg per carton box
NW: 90% glaze 10%
NW: 100%
Origin of Indonesia
If any interested, please feel free to contact me
whatsapp: +6281298766585

Shandong Atlas Refrigeration Technology Co.,Ltd. Shandong Atlas Refrigeration Technology Co.,Ltd. cold room solutions and ice machine for frozen seafood  Selling proposal Fri 26/5/2023 05.23

We manufacture Freezers, Chillers, Cold Rooms according to your Requirements.
For Inquiries...
Feel FREE to contact us anytime at your convenience.

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