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Amanda Seafood Company Limited

3E/12 Pho Quang street, Q.Tân Bình District
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Tel: +84 8 39977678
Fax: +84 8 39977679



Amanda Seafood is one of the leading suppliers of high quality seafood products from Vietnam and being based in Vietnam since 1989, Amanda has played a major part in the growth of seafood exports from Vietnam. Many of the leading Retailers. Importers and Distributors across the globe have been introduced to Seafood from Vietnam by Amanda Seafood and Amanda has built long term relationships with them. Through long term and stable partnerships with leading processors and farmers in Vietnam, Amanda provides a world class supply chain, and has been the leader in introducing and implementing new standards for farming and processing in Vietnam, ACC, ASC, GLOBAL GAP, BRC. Amanda Seafood has a highly trained technical team who supervise the daily production of all shipments, as well as working closely with the factories, farms and feed mills to ensure to continue the development and standards of the whole supply chain, in order to meet the highest demands of their customers around the world. Amanda Seafood is a leading supplier of Shrimp, both Black Tiger and Vannamei, as well as Pangasius and also supply a wide range of shellfish and fish products which are both farmed and sea caught in Vietnam. Vietnam has grown to be one of the most important aquaculture producers in the world, over 500,000 Tons of shrimp and 1 million tons of Pangasius are farmed every year. Vietnam will continue to be a leading supplier to markets around the world. Amanda Seafood has a long and successful history of supplying high quality seafood from Vietnam and are specialists in providing supply chains that meet customer demands across many markets and sectors. Amanda Seafood continues to focus on delivering a world class supply chain to their customer base around the world

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