Agustson A/S – NORA

Lundahl Nielsens Vej 2 Vejle , Denmark
Tel: +45 76 41 90 90
Fax: +45 75 85 87 28



With production plants both in Iceland and Denmark we are able to offer our customers quality product produced from the best available raw material. Our areas of expertise are production of shellfish, smoked trout, salted fish and caviar products. We are your professionla partner in seafood. The family owned company has for the last 75 years focused it's business on fishing and production of seafood. The comnpany headquarters are based in Stykkisholmur, Iceland were close distance to the main fishing grounds plays a key role in bringing in raw-materials for it's production of Coldwater Shrimp and Salted fish. In Denmark, Agustson operates 3 specialized production facilities for hot smoked trout, chilled shellfish