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Selected country: Faroe Islands
Company Country Address
Fróðskaparsetur Føroya (University Of The Faroe Islands) Faroe Islands J.C. Svabos gøta 14 Tórshavn
GARDNER FREIGHT INTERNATIONAL LTD Faroe Islands (Asia Crown Container Line), 123 Hedon Road - HU9 1NA Hull
GMT -Faroe- Faroe Islands P.O.Box 24 Klaksvik
Granskingarráðið (The Faroese Research Council) Faroe Islands Bryggjubakki 12 - Postsmoga 259 Tórshavn
Gregersen Consulting Faroe Islands
Hansen Seafood Faroe Islands P.O. Box 29 Strendur
HiddenFjord Faroe Islands Vid Anna 1 Gøta
Hiddenfjord Faroe Islands Bryggjan 11 Sorvagur
Hotel Føroyar Faroe Islands Oyggjarvegur 45, 100 Tórshavn T'orshavn
Hotel Hafnia Faroe Islands 4-10 Áarvegur - P.O.Box 107 Tórshavn
HOYVIKING TOURS Faroe Islands Gardavegur 2 PO Box 3125 - FR-188 Hoyvik
HSS INTERNATIONAL GROUP Faroe Islands Spyvee Street, Hull
HUMBERSIDE SEA & LAND SERVICES Faroe Islands Hull Container Terminal, Queen Elizabeth Dock - HU9 5PB Hull
HUTTONS INT LTD Faroe Islands 633-653 Hedon Road - HU9 5LQ Hull
Hvilvtenni PF Faroe Islands P.O Box 24 Leirvík
HYDRO-TECH Faroe Islands Eiði
IBC LIMITED Faroe Islands 127 Hedon Road Hull HU9 1ND Hull
Invest in the Faroes Faroe Islands Sigmundargøta 13 - P.O. Box 264 Tórshavn
Isbjornin ivf Faroe Islands Handan A 15 Torshavn
Isbjornin Spf Faroe Islands P.O. Box 1249 Torshavn
Kalbak Seafood Faroe Islands R.C. Effersoesgota 22 Torshavn
KD Seafood Faroe Islands Vørðuvegur 4 Hósvík
Kemilux Industri -Kemilux Sirius Headquarters- Faroe Islands Mykinesgøta 1 - P.O.Box 1231 Torshavn
KEVMAR SHIP SUPPLIES Faroe Islands Quay House, Alexandra Dock - HU9 1TA Hull
KINGSTOWN SHIPPING LTD Faroe Islands Ferry Berth, King George Dock, Hedon Road - HU9 5PS Hull
KJ Hydraulik PF Faroe Islands P.O.Box 110 Kambsdalur
Kloosterboer Terminal Faroe Islands Faroe Islands FO-410 Kollafjørður Tórshavn
Kollafjord Pelagic Faroe Islands P.O.Box 49 Kollafjørður
KORING FREIGHT FORWARDERS BV Faroe Islands Crowie Street - HU9 1RH Hull
Kosin Faroe Islands Kosarbrugvin 3 Klaksvik
Kovin Seafood P/F Faroe Islands Hillingatangi 8 Sandavagur
Krunan Faroe Islands
Kvilthamar (Fish Sales) Ltd Faroe Islands PO BOX 243 Klaksvik
Laksafoss Faroe Islands
Landshandilin Faroe Islands Akranesgøta 11 Tórshavn
Landshandilin P/F Faroe Islands Akranesgøta 11 - P.O. Box 17 Tórshavn
LEP INTERNATIONAL LTD Faroe Islands Holdemess House, Staithes Lane, Hedon Hull HU12 8DX Hull
LOCKER FREIGHT LTD Faroe Islands Grindell Street - HU9 1RT Hull
MAINFREIGHT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING & AIR SERVICES Faroe Islands Stoneford House, Chamberlain Road - HU8 8HN Hull
Manage Faroe Islands Viðargøta 15 Argir
Maretec Consulting Ltd. -Shipbrokers- Faroe Islands Argjavegur 53B Argir
Marine Harvest Faroes Faroe Islands Ternubrekkan 1 Hellurnar
Maru Seafood Ltd. Faroe Islands Skadhamar - P.O. Box 318 Klaksvik
MAT TRANSPORT LTD Faroe Islands P.O.Box 9, Freightliner Road - HU3 4XP Hull
MENNINGARSTOVAN (FAROE ISLANDS TRADE COUNCIL) Faroe Islands Bryggjubakki 12 - P.O. Box 259 Tórshavn
MEST -Skála- Faroe Islands Skala
MEST -Tórshavn- (Head Office) Faroe Islands J.C. Svabosgøta 31 - P.O. Box 65 Torshavn
MEST -Vestmanna- Faroe Islands Postboks 90 Vestmanna
Ministry of Fisheries (Fiskimálaráðið) Faroe Islands Heykavegur 6 - PO Box 347 Torshavn
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Latest post from IFM community

Yaniv Import and Marketing Ltd Yaniv Import and Marketing Ltd Kosher frozen fish of all kinds  Purchase request Tue 30/5/2023 00.39

Importer in Israel An import and marketing company is ready to receive price offers for kosher frozen fish

  • 1 comment
Pt. Awindo International Pt. Awindo International Yellowfin Tuna  Selling proposal Fri 26/5/2023 09.54

We can supply:
Frozen Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares) loin, skinless, boneless, blood meat off.
size 1-2 kg/pc, size 2+ kg/pc
IQF, IWP, 25kg per carton box
NW: 90% glaze 10%
NW: 100%
Origin of Indonesia
If any interested, please feel free to contact me
whatsapp: +6281298766585

Shandong Atlas Refrigeration Technology Co.,Ltd. Shandong Atlas Refrigeration Technology Co.,Ltd. cold room solutions and ice machine for frozen seafood  Selling proposal Fri 26/5/2023 05.23

We manufacture Freezers, Chillers, Cold Rooms according to your Requirements.
For Inquiries...
Feel FREE to contact us anytime at your convenience.

Pt. Awindo International Pt. Awindo International Ready Stock of Albacore  Selling proposal Thu 25/5/2023 10.42

Looking for the buyer of:
Frozen Albacore (Thunnus alalunga) Whole Round
size 10 + kg/pc
Bulk nude
Origin of Indonesia

Any interested, please contact me
whatsapp: +6281298766585

Pt. Awindo International Pt. Awindo International Mahi Mahi  Selling proposal Thu 25/5/2023 10.37

We can supply:
Frozen Mahi Mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) Skinless, Boneless, Blood meat off, cut from seafrozen raw material. Non Treated
size 1-3 oz/pc buffet cut, IQF, Bulk
size 2-4 oz/pc, IQF, Bulk
size 4 oz/pc, IVP
size 6 oz/pc, IVP
size 8 oz/pc, IVP
NW: 100%, 10lbs per carton box
Origin of Indonesia
1x40ft (44,000 lbs)

  • 1 comment
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