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Selected country: Faroe Islands
Company Country Address
MLR Services Faroe Islands Ovaragøta 16 Hoyvík
Navir P/F Faroe Islands Argir
Nevið Fish Export -Nevid- Faroe Islands Bryggjan, P.O.Box 164 Runavík
NEWLINK IMPORT & EXPORT LTD Faroe Islands 5 Grammer School Yard - HU1 1SE Hull
NFCS - Northern Fish Cold Storage Ltd. Faroe Islands Faktorsvegur 4 Postboks 31 Klaksvik
Niels Pauli Nordberg Faroe Islands
Nipan Faroe Islands
NIPPRESS FORWARDING LTD Faroe Islands Corporation Road, King George Dock - HU9 5NF Hull
NOMA-TEK LTD Faroe Islands Vio Sanda 1, Box 1116 T'orshavn
Norðfra Sp/f Faroe Islands Bryggjan Norðdepli
Nordurfisk Faroe Islands Árnafjørður
North Atlantic Information Services Spf Faroe Islands PO Box 3283 Tórshavn
North Atlantic Resource Centre Faroe Islands Bryggjubakki.12. PO Box 259 TORSHAVN
North Pelagic Faroe Islands Nordhavnin 8 Animar
O.C. Joensen Ltd. Faroe Islands P.O. Box 40 Oyri
Ocean Group Faroes Ltd Faroe Islands Bryggjan 2 Hosvik
OCEANIC GROUP Faroe Islands Oceanic House, Stockholm Road, Sutton Fields Ind Est. - HU7 OXW Hull
Oilwind P/F J.K. Joensen & sonur. Faroe Islands P.O. Box 9 Midvagur
P/F ALMA Faroe Islands A Hjalla 15, PO Box 1338 - FR 188 Hoyvik
P/F Atlantic Seafood Faroe Islands Postboks 90 Vagur
P/F CHRISTIAN I GROTINUM Faroe Islands Klaksviksvegur 77 Klaksvik
P/F Driftin Faroe Islands Goeta Goeta
P/F F.J.M. Faroe Islands PO.BOX 192 Runavik
P/F Farita Faroe Islands Haldórsvík
P/F Faroe Marine Biotech Faroe Islands Bryggjan
P/F Foroya Shell Faroe Islands PO Box 188 Tórshavn
P/f Havsbrún Faroe Islands PO.BOX 81 Fuglafjørður
P/F JFK Faroe Islands P.O. Box 56 Klaksvik
P/F Jógvan Weihe Faroe Islands Stiðjagøta 10 Tórshavn
P/F Luna - HiddenFjord Faroe Islands P.O. Box 29 Gøta - Nordragota
P/F PRG Export Faroe Islands PO Box 29 Gøta
P/F Salmon River Faroe Islands Vagur
P/F Teymavirkid Faroe Islands Heiðavegur 9-11, P.O. Box 210 Runavík
P/F TOR SHIPPING Faroe Islands Marknagilsvegur 55 - FR 100 T'orshavn
P/F Trol- og Snørisvirkið Faroe Islands P.O. Box 18 Klaksvík
P/F Varðin - Vardin Pelagic Faroe Islands Garðabrekka 4 - (Gardabrekka) Gøtu
P/f Vest Pack Faroe Islands Fjarðarvegur 10 Vestmanna
P/F Vestmanna Seafood Faroe Islands Bakkavegur 17 Vestmanna
P/F Vestsalmon Faroe Islands Postbox 82 Kollafjørður
Pandalus Seafood Faroe Islands Oman Mattalág 7 - P.O. Box 2165 Argir
Pelagos Faroe Islands Bakkavegur 62 Fuglafjorour
Petur & Petur Faroe Islands N. Winthersgøta 5 - P.O. Box 1012 Tórshavn
PF.Jomar Faroe Islands Noroskala
PORT OF KLAKSVIK Faroe Islands Vestara Bryggja, PO Box 26 Klaksvík
Port Of Torshavn Faroe Islands Eystara bryggja - P.O. Box 103 Torshavn
PORTBRIDGE TRANSPORT INTERNATIONAL LTD Faroe Islands Dunston House, The Haven, Hessle - HU13 0EA Hull
PRG Fiskavirkid Faroe Islands Tollaksgota 2 Nordragøta
PSA TRANSPORT LTD Faroe Islands Western Dock Entrance, Northside, King George Dock - HU9 5PR Hull
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Yaniv Import and Marketing Ltd Yaniv Import and Marketing Ltd Kosher frozen fish of all kinds  Purchase request Tue 30/5/2023 00.39

Importer in Israel An import and marketing company is ready to receive price offers for kosher frozen fish

  • 1 comment
Pt. Awindo International Pt. Awindo International Yellowfin Tuna  Selling proposal Fri 26/5/2023 09.54

We can supply:
Frozen Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares) loin, skinless, boneless, blood meat off.
size 1-2 kg/pc, size 2+ kg/pc
IQF, IWP, 25kg per carton box
NW: 90% glaze 10%
NW: 100%
Origin of Indonesia
If any interested, please feel free to contact me
whatsapp: +6281298766585

Shandong Atlas Refrigeration Technology Co.,Ltd. Shandong Atlas Refrigeration Technology Co.,Ltd. cold room solutions and ice machine for frozen seafood  Selling proposal Fri 26/5/2023 05.23

We manufacture Freezers, Chillers, Cold Rooms according to your Requirements.
For Inquiries...
Feel FREE to contact us anytime at your convenience.

Pt. Awindo International Pt. Awindo International Ready Stock of Albacore  Selling proposal Thu 25/5/2023 10.42

Looking for the buyer of:
Frozen Albacore (Thunnus alalunga) Whole Round
size 10 + kg/pc
Bulk nude
Origin of Indonesia

Any interested, please contact me
whatsapp: +6281298766585

Pt. Awindo International Pt. Awindo International Mahi Mahi  Selling proposal Thu 25/5/2023 10.37

We can supply:
Frozen Mahi Mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) Skinless, Boneless, Blood meat off, cut from seafrozen raw material. Non Treated
size 1-3 oz/pc buffet cut, IQF, Bulk
size 2-4 oz/pc, IQF, Bulk
size 4 oz/pc, IVP
size 6 oz/pc, IVP
size 8 oz/pc, IVP
NW: 100%, 10lbs per carton box
Origin of Indonesia
1x40ft (44,000 lbs)

  • 1 comment
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