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Selected country: Mozambique
Company Country Address
ADNAP - Administração Nacional das Pescas Mozambique Av. Marques de Pombal, No 285 Maputo
Aquapesca - Black Qwehli Mozambique
Benhur Holdings Ltd Mozambique Av Bairro Triunfo, Maputo
Companhia de Pesca do Océano Índico (COPOIC) Mozambique
Companhia de Pescas de Zambezia Lda (CPZ) Mozambique Avenida Mohamed Said Barre 88 Maputo
Cruzeiro do Sul, Lda. Mozambique Av. da União Africana n°4285
EMATUM - Empresa Moçambicana de Atum, SA Mozambique Av. Amilcar Cabral, nº 1512 Maputo
Finage Mar Mocambique Lda. Mozambique
Frigopesco Mozambique Av. da OUA, 1095 Maputo
Interfranca Sarl Mozambique Rua Timor Leste 106 Maputo
James Wilson Mozambique Maputo
Maputo CCS Frigorífico Central de Maputo - ETG logistics, Ltd. Mozambique Avenue OUA, 1095 Maputo
Mubanga Gabel Mozambique
National Institute of Coastal Fishery (IDPPE) Ministries of Fisheries Mozambique Av. Marginal, Parcela 141/8 C.P. 2473
Pescadana Ltda. Mozambique Rua Dom Diniz 57 Sofala
Pescamar Ltd. Mozambique Largo Manuel Antonio de Souza Nº 6 Beira
Recanto de Chiloane Lda Mozambique Beira
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Latest post from IFM community

mabioma export mabioma export frozen bait sardine for animal  Selling proposal Tue 3/10/2023 12.43
€ 610,00

frozen bait sardine for animal origine from morocco

Camimex Joint Stock Company (Camimex Corp) Camimex Joint Stock Company (Camimex Corp) Supply: Nobashi Vannamei Shrimp  Selling proposal Tue 3/10/2023 05.46

Nobashi Vannamei Shrimp

Size (gram/pcs): 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L, 6L, 7L and 8L
- 10 pcs/ PET/PA x 5 bag PE x 12 ctn
- 20 pcs/ bag x 30 ctn
- 20 pcs/ tray x 30 ctn
- 30 pcs/ tray x 20 ctn

or as customer's request

Camimex Corp. established in 1977 with 3 factories (DL 25, DL 178 and DL 351) and certificates such as : Naturland (Organic shrimp), Bio Suisse, ISO, HACCP, BRC, MSC, ASC, BAP, HALAL, IFS, FDI and BSCI.

Our major products are black tiger shrimp, vannamei shrimp and value-added products that have been exported to many countries: US, EU, Japan, South Korea, Australia and so on. Our advantages are certified full value chain of organic shrimp from Hatchery – Farm – Factory with 10,000.00 ha of organic farm and 25,000.00 MTs of finished products annually.

Camimex - Your Trusted Partner of Shrimp in Viet Nam.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Alex Nguyen - 84 903 99 53 56

Tymlatsky Fish Factory Tymlatsky Fish Factory Pink Salmon, Eastern Kamchatka  Selling proposal Tue 3/10/2023 04.57

We offer Pink Salmon
blocked and IQF
Sea production and land production
Delivery terms: EXW Dalian

DALIAN HENGJIA FOOD CO., LTD DALIAN HENGJIA FOOD CO., LTD Frozen Pink Salmon, Haddock & Pcod Manufacturer From China  Selling proposal Tue 3/10/2023 01.17

This is Jason from Dalian Hengjia Food Co., Ltd. which is a seafood processing plant and exporter located in Dalian, China and fully certified with BRC, HACCP, MSC, SMETA, IFS.etc majoring in processing and exporting Pink salmon fillets/portions, Haddock fillets/portions and Pcod fillets/portions.

Below are some of our specs, welcome for your inquiries!

Frozen Pink Salmon- Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha  
Skinless, Boneless, PBO, Color P2+, 2cm fat line on, Lightly treated, Max Moisture 79%
100% Net Weight, small protective glazing   
Size before glazing: 4-6oz  
Packing: bulk packed in 10lb plain master carton  

Frozen Pacific Cod -Gadus macrocephalus  
Skinless, Boneless, PBO, Lightly treated, Max Moisture 85%
100% net weight, small protective glazing
Size before glazing: 4-6oz  
Packing: bulk packed in 10lb plain master carton 

Frozen Haddock -Melanogrammus aeglefinnus
Skinless, Boneless, PBO, Lightly treated, Max Moisture 85%
100% net weight, small protective glazing
Size before glazing: 4-6oz  
Packing: bulk packed in 10lb plain master carton

For quotation price, please contact me at:

📧 Email: /
📲 Phone: +86 15940938535
Skype: zhenshuai1110
Wechat: zhenshuai1110

Nghi Son Foods Group, Vietnm Nghi Son Foods Group, Vietnm Yellowfin Tuna Products - Nghi Son Foods Group  Selling proposal Mon 2/10/2023 06.57

Dear friends,

My name is Athena, and I am reaching out on behalf of Nghi Son Foods Group, a leading seafood exporter from Vietnam, our main product is Yellowfin Tuna Products.

Our Yellowfin Tuna products are fished by long line and gillnet/ fishing net and Sea-frozen (Freezed on board ) before returning to the mainland. Therefore, the quality is always ensured in the best condition and strictest control on Histamine to ensure healthy conditions for all European and American markets.

We also have enough certificates of CFIA, FDA; HACCP; DL-688; DL-947; MSC; FOS; DOPHIN SAFE, NOAA, MSC, Captain Statement, and Simple Table; .. to meet all international export standards.

These are the main products that our company usually offer for our customer worldwide.

Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus Albacares):
CO/ TS/ Vitamin/ Natural Treated
Loin: 3 - 5lbs, 5 - 8lbs/ 1 - 2kg, 2kg up
Steak: 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz / 50gram up, 100 gram up or 170 - 220 gram
Saku: 6 - 8oz, 8 - 12oz, 12 - 16 oz, or 200-300gram, 300 - 500gram, 500 gram up
Cube: 1.5 cm, 2cm, 1 - 1.8 cm
Strips: 1lb/bag (454gr/bag)
and many other products, kindly check our Product Catalogue here.

We believe that partnering with us will not only enrich your product offerings but also provide your customers with an unforgettable culinary experience.

For inquiries, please feel free to contact us.
Phone/WhatsApp/Viber: +84 909246685 (Ms. Athena)

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