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Selected country: Estonia
Company Country Address
A. M. Fish OÜ Estonia Koidu 14a KURESSAARE 93814
Aadi Paju FIE Estonia LIU 88313
Abermex OÜ Estonia Pikk 12 KÄRDLA 92411
ACIPENSER LTD Estonia Ringi 37
Adelarg E.H D.A.M. Eesti OÜ Estonia Vabriku 2 TALLINN 10411
Adollanta OU Estonia
Agrico Eesti OÜ Estonia Väike-Ameerika 15 Tallinn
Ahko Kala TÜ Estonia PANGA 90402
Ahto Toom FIE Estonia MÄLA 94701
AIR CARGO ESTONIA Estonia Sepise 18/20
Aivo Janter FIE Estonia TURBUNEEME 74701
Aivo Tabri Kalapüük Estonia KARJA 93823
aktual Estonia kivila tallinn
Alfred Sarapik FIE Estonia Posti 20-6 HAAPSALU 90503
ALGEN OÜ Estonia KOLKJA 60301 Tartumaa
Alosa OÜ Estonia JAAGUPI 86007
Alvo-S AS (Head Office) Estonia 103 Kopli Str Tallinn
Amarant International Corporation Estonia Tallinn
AMISCO AS Estonia Pärnu mnt 102
Andervall Ltd. / AS Andervall Estonia Vaike-Amerika str.8, Tallinn
ANKRISET Estonia Pootsmani 24 Tartu
Ants Kari Lahekala Estonia Aiavilja 10-12 HAAPSALU 90505
Ants Leemets FIE Estonia VERGI 45501
Ants Tappel FIE Estonia Kuivastu mnt 48 ORISSAARE 94601
Aquastel Estonia Müürivahe 27-1 Tallinn
Arno Sutt FIE Estonia LINDI 88302
ARTAL AT Estonia Harjumaa, 75202 PIKAVERE
Artselon OÜ Estonia Põllu 3, Lohusuu
Arvi Aaviku Tamme talu Estonia PIHTLA 94101
Arvi Kula FIE Estonia TORNIMÄE 94501
Arvo Talts FIE Estonia JAAGUPI 86007
AS ANNILO Estonia Paljassaare 41 Tallinn
AS Atlas Seafood Estonia Paljassaare 28 C tee Tallinn
AS Baltic Pack Estonia Lao 8-24 Parnu
AS Hiiu Kalur Estonia Sadama 15 Kärdla
AS Interfarm Estonia Västriku 2a Tallinn
AS Japs Estonia J.W. Jannseni 36a Parnu
AS KRISKAL Estonia Tihniku 5 / Kalda 7 Tallinn
AS Paljassaare Kalatoostus Estonia Paljassaaare Tee 30 Tallinn
AS PALJASSAARE KALATOOSTUS Estonia Paljassaare Tee 30 Tallin
AS Paroc (Overseas Office) Estonia Parnu mnt 158 Tallinn
AS Reval Logistik Estonia 4 Sadama Street
AS Spratfil Estonia Lesta 14 Tallinn
AS Tallink Grupp - Headquarters Estonia Sadama 5/7 Tallinn
Askanio AS Estonia Narva mnt 40 TALLINN 10150
Astorelt OÜ Estonia Kangelaste 10a-22 NARVA 20605
ATRICA-MARINE Estonia Paljassaare tee 28
Audru Kala OÜ Estonia LINDI 88302
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Global Egersund AS Global Egersund AS Frozen/fresh salmon fillets Trim C-D IVP / Salmon Bits/pieces / Salmon scrap meat  Selling proposal Fri 23/2/2024 01.22

Newly package Salmon fillets large sizes
Trim C-D
New production stock.
size: 1.4-1.8kg, 1.8-2.2kg.

Salmon Bits & Pieces,skin on,skinless
off cuts,Scrape meat

welcome your inquiries!
For quotation price, please contact me at:

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SEAPRO AQUACULTURE & FISHERY LIMITED COMPANY SEAPRO AQUACULTURE & FISHERY LIMITED COMPANY Frozen salmon trout & portioned trout  Selling proposal Thu 22/2/2024 10.23
€ 6,00

head of gutted frozen salmon trout (oncorhynchus mykiss)

BASEAFOOD 2 COMPANY BASEAFOOD 2 COMPANY Explore BASEAFOOD's seasonal Baby Shrimp Offer  Selling proposal Thu 22/2/2024 09.32

Welcome to BASEAFOOD 2 company, a leading seafood processor and exporter from Vietnam.
Featured Products:
- Dried Baby Shrimp: freshly caught and perfectly sun-dried, no salt, size 1-3 cm, packed in bulk or retail bag.
- Frozen Salted Baby Shrimp: 75% Shrimp mixed with 25% salt water, high quality and freshness, size 1-3 cm/pc, packed in 15kg drums or 500g/1kg bottle.
Discover more of our special products and take advantage of our offers at:
For inquiries, please contact:
Ms Nguyen - Sales manager
Phone: + 84 702 520 288

Nghi Son Foods Group Nghi Son Foods Group Promotion Yellowfin Tuna  Selling proposal Thu 22/2/2024 05.27

I am Johnny from Nghi Son Foods Group, a leading tuna factory in Vietnam. We are exporting mainly to America, Russia, Europe and Philippines.
Our certificates: HACCP, NAFIQAD, MSC, FDA, BRC, Dolphin Safe, FOS...
EU code: DL 688, DL 947, HK 695
Featured tuna products in our portfolio:
-Trimmed Meat
-Ground Meat
Our products come in CO/TS/Vitamin Treated and Natural.
Kindly tell us what your budget is, and we will give you products that fit your budget.
WhatsApp: +84 931442207

BINH PHU SEAFOOD COMPANY LIMITED BINH PHU SEAFOOD COMPANY LIMITED Tuna in brine, Tuna in oil  Selling proposal Thu 22/2/2024 04.51

Tuna in brine, Tuna in oil..
If you are interested them, please contact me:

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