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Selected country: Bermuda
Company Country Address
Cripps Foundation Bermuda
FRONTLINE LTD. Bermuda PO Box HM 1593, 14 Par-la-Ville Hamilton
KARIBUNI LTD. Bermuda P.O.Box DV467 Devonshire
MARINELIENS.COM Bermuda 11 North Shore Road Flatts Village
SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd. Bermuda Clarendon House 2 Church Street Hamilton
Sterna Finance Ltd Bermuda
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Latest post from IFM community

Aqua Matrix Aqua Matrix Frozen Ribbon Fish  Purchase request Fri 3/2/2023 08.38

I wish to reference price of ribbon fish from Vietnam to Thailand
If anyone interested, please contact to me via whatsapp: 84888184799 or email:
Thank you!

caters caters Blue crabs  Selling proposal Thu 2/2/2023 20.31
$ 399,00


A&ASF Ltd A&ASF Ltd Periwinkles(Littorina Littorea)  Selling proposal Thu 2/2/2023 17.27

Periwinkles all year round!

Mir Paslanmaz  Company Mir Paslanmaz Company frozen fish  Purchase request Thu 2/2/2023 10.28

Our inquiry is given below :

Clupea harengus – 11.000 kg

Mallotus villosus – 11.000 kg

Sizes between 20-40 gr.

Aqua Matrix Aqua Matrix Pangasius  Selling proposal Tue 31/1/2023 03.33

We are on good deal with steak, HGT, butterfly and fillet skin on now.
Aside from Pangasius, we also have Tilapia, Shrimp, Mekong River Fishes,...
If you have inquiry, please contact me via Whatsapp: (+84) 88 818 47 99 (Ms. Julie - Export Sale at Aqua Matrix - Vietnam)

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