Bangladesh Rural & Agricultural Ventures Limited (BRAVE)

House # 31 (5th Fl.), Road # 1 Hill View R/A 571 Nasirabad Chittagong , Bangladesh
Tel: +880 31 2553192
Fax: +880 31 2552585



Bangladesh Rural & Agricultural Ventures Limited (BRAVE) is primarily a production company with particular focus on investments in enterprises for Fisheries production in Bangladesh. It is a start-up company, registered and incorporated in Bangladesh in November 2007.   However, the Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association does not preclude investments and activities in the other segments of Crops, Livestock, Forests, Fibres, Biomass and Services as well. In fact, BRAVE has incorporated legal provisions in its Registration and Incorporation to even invest beyond Bangladesh also. BRAVE also participates in trading activities in Agriculture- marketing of capital machinery and equipment, produce, products, processes, technology, know-how and consultancy services. These range of activities target and include import and sale of tools, gears, machinery, equipment, seed, feed, chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, prophylactics and animal health and nutrition products. BRAVE has taken up as its first activity in trading: - importing and marketing larval rearing diets/products for P. monodon (Black Tiger) shrimp hatcheries in Bangladesh. In the meanwhile the Company is looking for a suitable site in the coastal belt of Bangladesh for planning and development of a Grow out for farming of the Black Tiger shrimp. Also on the cards is investment in a M. rosenbergii  (Giant King Prawn) Hatchery in the South-West of Bangladesh. BRAVE has initiated marketing of Freshwater fisheries products in the domestic market of Bangladesh, and has undertaken strategic steps to export both Freshwater and Brackishwater fisheries products.