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Eurofishmarket S.r.l (Magazine)

Via A. Gramsci 204,
Castel Maggiore Italia
Tel: +39 328 6019455 (mob
Fax: +39 051 374488



EUROFISHMARKET Srl was founded in 2004 as a service company and it replaced AQUATILIA (a non-profit organisation founded by Valentina Tepedino in 2000 dedicated to fish and fishery products research). Eurofishmarket specialises in Advising, Consulting, Training, Research and Promotion of fresh and processed Seafood. Through eponymous Magazine, Publications, Events, Training and Technical Assistance, it is attracting Business Operators. Eurofishmarket works closely with Control Bodies and Authorities, Companies, Media, Food and Beverage, Consumer Associations to educate and inform the end consumer about its activities and initiatives. Eurofishmarket works together in association with Universities, Research Institutes, Ministries, Control Authorities, FAO and EU to provide real-time information of legislative, technical and scientific updates to Seafood sector, Eurosfishmarket’s continuous updates and clarifications are useful for companies of fresh and processed Seafood.

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Halderseafood Halderseafood Salmon/Salmone The Black Sea 1/2   Sat 13/8/2022 00.55

Origin Turkiye

Halderseafood Halderseafood Any World City Prices vary by delivery city and airport.  Selling proposal Sat 13/8/2022 00.42
€ 5,50

Stock: 15 ton
All frozen products have 20% glaze.

- Hidden user - - Hidden user - Fresh Fish from Holland  Selling proposal Fri 12/8/2022 07.31

aviable today, delivery in Europe on 14/15 August

- Hidden user - - Hidden user - From Scotland  Selling proposal Thu 11/8/2022 09.30

Aviable for delivery in Italy on 14/08/22

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IntraFish Daily news update

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Interfishmarket gives you the possibility to:

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