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NACOFAG - The National Coordinating Organization for Farmers Association in The Gambia, is a network of farmer organization with national character with the overall objective of making sure all Gambians enjoy availability, adequate quality of food variety at all times. NACOFAG was established by farmers to represent their interest at the West African Regional Network of Peasant and Producer Association (ROPPA). Currently is comprised of 21 major Gambia farmer organizations, namely AFET, NAYAFS, NAWFA, Farmers Platform, Cashew Growers Association, Fandema in URR and Maize growers. The aim and objectives as a farmer-based organization is to promote and defend the values of an efficient and sustainable small-holder agriculture, to promote solidarity between farmers associations in the country and the sub-region, to provide technical, managerial and resources support to farmer association and their members for improved production, processing and marketing of high value crops and livestock, to promote agro-business activities, to establish the basis for an organizational network, to attract financial and technical assistance from multi-lateral donors, charitable and governmental organizations, to promote awareness, good governance, effective leadership and empowerment of member associations, to mobilize community resources for members to develop their undertakings, all conducive to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them. The NACOFAG board is the governance body of the organization which is responsible for policy design and implementation. The board is usually selected from the member associations during congress except; otherwise NACOFAG is governed by an 11-man committee as the executive board.

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Nghi Son Foods Group, Vietnm Nghi Son Foods Group, Vietnm Yellowfin Tuna - Nghi Son Foods Group  Selling proposal Wed 27/9/2023 06.30

My name is Athena, and I am reaching out on behalf of Nghi Son Foods Group, a leading seafood exporter from Vietnam. We would like to introduce our seafood product, especially Yellowfin Tuna Products to you and some of our strengths so far. I hope we can cooperate together in the future.

Our Yellowfin Tuna products are fished by long line and gillnet/ fishing net and Sea-frozen (Freezed on board ) before returning to mainland. Therefore, the quality is always ensured in the best condition and strictest control on Histamine to ensure healthy conditions for all European and American markets. We also have enough certificates of FDA; HACCP; BRC; MSC; FOS; DOPHIN SAFE; .. to meet all international export standards.
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We currently have clients in USA, Canada, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Chile, and Europe. We hope to expand our markets more to the world.

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Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus Albacares):
Vitamin/ Natural Treated
Loin: 3 - 5 lbs, 5 - 8 lbs/ 1 - 2kg, 2kg up
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Saku: 6 - 8oz, 8 - 12oz, 12 - 16 oz, or 200-300gram, 300 - 500gram, 500 gram up
Cube: 1.5 cm, 2cm, 1 - 1.8 cm
Strips: 1 Lb/bag (454gr/bag)
and many Tuna by-products such as Trimmed Meat, Sawdust, Ground Meat, Tendon, Roe, Liver, Head, Black Meat, Stomach, Tail, Belly, Kama.

We believe that partnering with us will not only enrich your product offerings but also provide your customers with an unforgettable culinary experience.

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Athena Luong

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Nghi Son Foods Group, Vietnm Nghi Son Foods Group, Vietnm Seafood Manufacturer  Selling proposal Wed 27/9/2023 06.18

Supply high-quality seafood, especially Yellowfin Tuna

DALIAN HENGJIA FOOD CO., LTD DALIAN HENGJIA FOOD CO., LTD Frozen Pink Salmon, Haddock & Pcod Manufacturer From China  Selling proposal Tue 26/9/2023 14.50

This is Jason from Dalian Hengjia Food Co., Ltd. which is a seafood processing plant and exporter located in Dalian, China and fully certified with BRC, HACCP, MSC, SMETA, IFS.etc majoring in processing and exporting Pink salmon fillets/portions, Haddock fillets/portions and Pcod fillets/portions.

Below are some of our specs, welcome for your inquiries!

Frozen Pink Salmon- Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha  
Skinless, Boneless, PBO, Color P2+, 2cm fat line on, Lightly treated, Max Moisture 79%
100% Net Weight, small protective glazing   
Size before glazing: 4-6oz  
Packing: bulk packed in 10lb plain master carton  

Frozen Pacific Cod -Gadus macrocephalus  
Skinless, Boneless, PBO, Lightly treated, Max Moisture 85%
100% net weight, small protective glazing
Size before glazing: 4-6oz  
Packing: bulk packed in 10lb plain master carton 

Frozen Haddock -Melanogrammus aeglefinnus
Skinless, Boneless, PBO, Lightly treated, Max Moisture 85%
100% net weight, small protective glazing
Size before glazing: 4-6oz  
Packing: bulk packed in 10lb plain master carton

For quotation price, please contact me at:

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We can offer Sea Cucumber for Asian market.
At the moment, we can process around 2 tons per month.
Please, contact for additional details.
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ArisMar ArisMar Wild mussels  Selling proposal Tue 26/9/2023 06.15

We sell wild mussels, EXW in Thessaloniki Greece.

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