Vini Vini LLP

The company Vini Vini LLP was founded in 1990. First, the company acquired two small fishing vessels. It focused on artisanal fisheries. Then, in 1995, she started her own local distribution structure and came into possession of the first specialized tuna longline fishing (fishing industry) in French Polynesia. In a logical sequence, it then came into possession of several fishing vessels and diversified its business. Vini Vini includes six fishing vessels. The fleet consists of: 2 vessels of 21m: VINI VINI IX and VINI VINI VII vessels of 16m: KHAYA STAR TAU STAR STAR MIRI, VINI VINI V Together, these fishing vessels gather around over 500 metric tons of fish per year. This track is the fish wholesaler for the local market.The company's business consists in unloading the fish from the vessels, store the fish, cut it (as requested), then package and deliver to the final customer. All the activity is done in an adapted structure accredited in European norms. Vini Vini Wholesaler offers a huge variety of fish such as albacore, red tuna, mahi mahi, marlin, swordfish, ono, moon fish...

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