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Lake Harvest Aquaculture (African Sales)

Produco Building Lot 5 Arlington Estate International Airport - PO Box 10372
Harare Zimbabwe
Tel: +263 4 575 860
Fax: +263 4 575 690



Lake Harvest was formed in 1997 to produce high quality tilapia for the European and Southern Africa markets.  Our fish farms are situated within a National Park on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe – Africa’s inland sea of pristine water.  This lake is protected from heavy industry, giving our fish the benefit of a natural habitat, surrounded by spectacular scenery and wildlife. We ensure the high quality of our fish through a combination of sustainable farming techniques and state of the art equipment.   We take great pride in attention to detail – and ensure complete control of the process from feed ingredients and breeding through to delivery of the delicious fish fillets. Lake Harvest offers unrivalled traceability and consistent food security.  We offer a fish that has no additives, preservatives, GMOs or antibiotics – which is why Lake Harvest Tilapia can be found in the finest haute cuisine restaurants.  Tilapia, we believe, is the fish of the future – and Lake Harvest will help to ensure its success as a sustainable, high nutritional fish for generations to come.

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Stock: 15 ton
All frozen products have 20% glaze.

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