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Malgor & Co. Inc.

Carr. 5 Km. 3.5
Cataño Puerto Rico
Tel: +1 787 787.788.0303




Malgor & Co., Inc. was officially established on July 1st. of 1926 in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. It started its operations in what is called today Old San Juan. The founders of the firm, all with equal share were: Antonio Malgor Méndez, Antonio Méndez Malgor and Salvador Font Crespo. As the time passed by, the founders thought that there was bigger future in the field of manufacturing and started b bottling olive oil from Spain under the brand name of “Canario” which later became the principal brand name of the firm. Malgor continued its growth up to the point where its facilities hindered its progressive development. Then in 1949, the firm moved to another building located in front of wharf three which its previous tenant was the Bacardi distillery. The Canario line, continue to grow and today covers products such as adobo Criollo, Corned Beef, Pimientos, Luncheon Meat, and many others. Other well known brands created throughout the years are Maizete corn oil and Gitana seasonings line. In order to properly cover a diverse variety of customers ranging from main supermarket chain stores to small mom and pop stores, Malgor & Co., Inc. has well organized sales division that consists of more than 30 persons. Malgor & Co. serves to supermarket chain stores, independent supermarkets, cash & Carries, pharmacies, agricultural products and convenience stores. 

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Pangasius Steak
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Aqua Matrix Aqua Matrix Pangasius  Selling proposal Tue 31/1/2023 03.33

We are on good deal with steak, HGT, butterfly and fillet skin on now.
Aside from Pangasius, we also have Tilapia, Shrimp, Mekong River Fishes,...
If you have inquiry, please contact me via Whatsapp: (+84) 88 818 47 99 (Ms. Julie - Export Sale at Aqua Matrix - Vietnam)

Oceans Fisheries Company Oceans Fisheries Company Frozen Horse Mackerel +16 cm  Selling proposal Mon 30/1/2023 08.54
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Available frozen horse Mackerel 8/10 pcs per Kg , qt 10 FCL

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Aviable in Europe on 29/01

Humboldt Europe BV Humboldt Europe BV Humboldt Seafood  Selling proposal Thu 26/1/2023 11.39

We offer cooked shrimps, MAP chain off yellowfin tuna loins, Japanese and USA scallops, cooked octopus, fresh white fish (Cod, skrei, coley, haddock..) and others.

If interested, please contact me for more information
whatsapp: +31639277129

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