Companies : Slovenia : Droga Kolinska d.d. -Argeta-

Droga Kolinska d.d. -Argeta-

Kolinska ulica 1,
Ljubljana Slovenia
Tel: +386 1 47 21 500
Fax: +386 1 47 21 553



The process of developing and making Argeta patés is designed to ensure excellent flavour and quality. Most important is the careful selection of the basic raw materials: meat and fish. The cooked meat is mechanically removed from the bone. Other ingredients are added as needed for their functional properties: vegetable oil, milk proteins, proteins, natural flavourings, salt and flavour enhancer. All the raw materials are carefully selected and controlled. The entire paté-making process is subject to constant monitoring by our outstanding technicians. They monitor all stages of the production process, from the input controls on all raw materials and packaging, through the inter-phase controls during direct production, to the final product controls. After final microbiological and chemical analysis, and organoleptic testing of the final product, the pâté is dispatched from the warehouse. Our many years of experience, our good manufacturing practice, our ISO 9001 certification and the introduction of the HACCP system are some of the reasons that you can trust our patés. Just try them.

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Aqua Matrix Aqua Matrix Pangasius  Selling proposal Tue 31/1/2023 03.33

We are on good deal with steak, HGT, butterfly and fillet skin on now.
Aside from Pangasius, we also have Tilapia, Shrimp, Mekong River Fishes,...
If you have inquiry, please contact me via Whatsapp: (+84) 88 818 47 99 (Ms. Julie - Export Sale at Aqua Matrix - Vietnam)

Oceans Fisheries Company Oceans Fisheries Company Frozen Horse Mackerel +16 cm  Selling proposal Mon 30/1/2023 08.54
$ 790,00

Available frozen horse Mackerel 8/10 pcs per Kg , qt 10 FCL

- Hidden user - - Hidden user - Fresh Fish from Holland  Selling proposal Fri 27/1/2023 07.59

Aviable in Europe on 29/01

Humboldt Europe BV Humboldt Europe BV Humboldt Seafood  Selling proposal Thu 26/1/2023 11.39

We offer cooked shrimps, MAP chain off yellowfin tuna loins, Japanese and USA scallops, cooked octopus, fresh white fish (Cod, skrei, coley, haddock..) and others.

If interested, please contact me for more information
whatsapp: +31639277129

KAI-TO TRADING AND SERVICES CO.,LTD KAI-TO TRADING AND SERVICES CO.,LTD Seafood seller  Selling proposal Wed 25/1/2023 17.38

We export frozen seafood

Vannamei shrimp and black tiger shrimp

Please contact me
Whatsapp 0911590417

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