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In April 1998 a small team of IT professionals dared to present their skills to and start competing on the global IT market. Self-confidence mixed with the certainty that they can find the ways to differentiate brought to the fact that today BuCoDI does stand out. The expertise in IT Technologies, Project Management, Custom Development, creativity and innovative management techniques turned out enough to find the place on the market and gain steady ground.  From these beginnings, it became apparent to BuCoDI that the agriculture sector needed its own automation industry to meet needs that are different from the business of "Wall Street". BuCoDI began as a supplier of back-office systems for fish auctions in Europe. This required a pedal to the metal approach to generate all the little details of payments to ship captians and invoices to buyers-- And at pace that matched the speed of fish auctions (about one sale a second). The necessity to hold the position among the competitors was nothing but the incentive to experiment with the knowledge base in order to work out the policy that would lead the company to where we are now. In the last years, BuCoDI has changed and improved, exhilarated and expanded. Today BuCoDI is the standard in back-office solutions for companys in the agriculture supply chain. No more need for systems that are costly to maintain, expensive to upgrade, and sometimes a problem to work around. Livestock, crops, horticulture, fish, BuCoDI products and services can be tailored to fit your needs