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Selected country: Greenland
Company Country Address
Akia Sisimiut A/S Greenland J.M. Jensen-ip Aqq. 2 Postboks 319 Sisimut
Angunnguaq A/S Greenland Aqqusinersuaq 54, P.O. Box 1028 Sisimiut
APK Greenland PO Box 310 Nuuk
Arctic Green Food Greenland Postboks 287 Maniitsoq
Arctic Prime Production A/S Greenland Johan Dahlsvej 799 P.O.Box 299 Qaqortoq
Blue Water Greenland ApS (Nuuk) Greenland Industrivej 22 Nuuk
Blue Water Greenland ApS (Sisimiut) Greenland Berthelsenip Aqq 39 - P.O. Box 250 Sisimiut
DayCatch Kap Farvel Greenland Narsaq
DayCatch Nuuk (Romark) Greenland Paassaasivik 12 - Postboks 1195 Nuuk
Gaia Fish A/S Greenland Qasapi 4 PO Box 709 Nuuk
GREENLAND INSTITUTE OF NATURAL RESOURCES Greenland Dk-3900 Nuuk, Greenland - P.O. Box 570 Nuuk
GRØNLANDS LANDSTING (NANOQ) Greenland Greenland Home Rule, P.O.BOX 1015 Nuuk
Halibut Greenland ApS Greenland Amutsivimmut Aqq. B-1910 - Postbox 1020 Ilulissat
Ice Trawl Greenland A/S Greenland Fabriksvej 4. Postboks 709 Nuuk
IKKAMIUT SEAFOOD A/S Greenland c/o Bjorn Overgaard, Postboks 272 Sukkertoppen
KNAPK - Organization of Fishermen and Hunters in Greenland Greenland Aqqusinersuaq 31, Box 386 Nuuk
Lennert & Sønner ApS Greenland Sarsuatsiivinnguup Qulaa 48. Postboks 245 Sisimiut
Nuuk Seafood ApS Greenland PO Box 1809 Nuuk
Nuuk Vaerft A/S Greenland P.O. Box 339 Nuuk
Pisiffik SB - Supermarket Greenland JM Jensensvej 2 Sisimiut
Polar Fish - Exhibition Greenland The Sisimiut Hallen Centre Sisimiut
Polar Narsaq Greenland Narsaq
Polar Raajat A/S Greenland Nuuk
Qalut Vónin Greenland Aqqusinersuaq B2815. - P.O.Box 779 Nuuk
Royal Greenland A/S - Headquarters Greenland Postboks 1073 Nuuk
Savik ApS Greenland Qasigiannguit
Seahawk Greenland
SILA GROUP I/S Greenland Mittarfiup Aqq. B 747 - 748 Upernavik
Sisimiut Fish ApS Greenland Aqqusinersuaq 54 Sisimiut
Sisimiut Kommune Greenland
Upernavik Seafood A/S Greenland Umiarsualiviup Aqq 1445 Upernavik
Uummannaq Kommune Greenland P.O. Box 200
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