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Company Country Address
Adam & Co Mauritius Dr Ferriere Street Port Louis
adoria trading ltd Mauritius vallee des pretres , port louis port-louis
Aeromarine Travel & Tours Mauritius Ground Floor, St James Court, St Denis Street Port Luis
African Century Group Ltd, - Group Head Office Mauritius Suite 011, Grand Baie Business Park, Cnr Air Grand Baie Street, Avenue Geranium and Reservoir Road Grand Baie
Afritex Fishing Ltd. Mauritius 1st Floor, MFD Business Center Port Louis
Afritex Ventures Mauritius 4th floor, Noah Wealth Centre Silk Road, Jinfei Industrial Park Terre Rouge
Air Mauritius Ltd Mauritius
Ajitsingh Hardowar Mauritius
Al-Macca Ltd Mauritius Port Louis
ALPHA LINE CO LTD Mauritius 40 farquhar Street Rose-Hill Rose Hill
AMITIE SEAFOODS Mauritius Amitié
Aquacorp Aquaculture Limited Mauritius
Aquafood Mauritius Port Luis
Blueline Fishing Co.,Ltd. Mauritius
Blyth Bros & Co Mauritius P.O Box 53, 1 Queen Street, Port Louis
BOARD OF INVESTMENT FREEPORT UNIT - BOI Mauritius One Cathedral Square Building, 16, Jules Koeing Street Port Luis
Cervonic - Food Product division Mauritius Motorway M2, Riche Terre
CHARLES ULTIMATE GLOBAL SERVICE Mauritius Freeport Zone Port Louis
CNOI Shipyard - Chantier Naval de l’Océan Indien Ltd Mauritius Freeport Zone 11 Port-Louis
COI - Commission de l'Océan Indien / Indian Ocean Commission Mauritius Q4, Avenue Sir Guy Forget Quatre Bornes
D & V MARKETING ( Import & Export Agency ) Mauritius St Pierre Lane A3 Port Louis Port Louis
DONALD FISHERIES COMPANY Mauritius Royal Road, Plaines Des Papayes
East West Express Services Ltd. Mauritius #10 , Freeport Zone 9 , SSR International Airport Plaine magnien
Economic Development Board Mauritius Mauritius 10th Floor, One Cathedral Square Building Port-Louis
Emcar Mauritius Harel Mallac Building, 18 Edith Cavel Street, P.O Box 222, P Port Louis
Explast Ltd Mauritius Charlie Lane, Palma Quatre Bornes
FARSHEN CO. LTD. Mauritius Curepipe
FDM - Froid des Mascareignes Ltee Mauritius Free Port Area, Zone 8, Old Quay D Road Port Luis
Fish Meal Producers Ltd. - IBL Mauritius IBL Industrial Complex Port Luis
Fish Processors Ltd Mauritius Freeport
FMM - Ferme Marine de Mahebourg Mauritius Royal Road, Pointe aux Feuilles
Growfish International Mauritius Deerhurst
GSK FISHING Mauritius 8, Leon De Froberville Lane Curepipe
Hans Mauritius 2 Avenue Auffray Plaisance Rose Hill Rose hill
Hassen Taher Seafoods Mtius Ltd Mauritius 36, Madame Street. Camp Le Vieux
HEES COMPANY LTD Mauritius 2, Avenue Osman, Quatre-Bornes Port Louis
HUNG MIN GROUP Mauritius 19 Quay Street Port Luis
IBL BrandActiv (former IBL Frozen Foods) Mauritius IBL Complex No 2 Riche Terre
INDIAMER PÊCHERIES LTÉE Mauritius Bagat Lane, Glen Park Port Luis
Indilinks Shipchandling Services Ltd Mauritius 29, Brabant Street Port Louis
Ireland Fraser Co. Ltd Mauritius 7 Dr Ferriere Street, Port Louis
ISLANDS MARINE ENTERPRISES LTD Mauritius Ground floor, Ken Lee Building, 20, Edith Cavell Street Port Luis
JLR Fisheries Ltd Mauritius Pointe Monnier Rodrigues
KEN LEE SHIPCHANDLER Ship Supply Division Mauritius Cnr Abattoir & Olivier Streets
Li Wan Cheun Ltd. Mauritius 3 Leoville L'Homme street Port Louis
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Pirooz Bahr Jonoub Pirooz Bahr Jonoub FROZEN VANNAMEI SHRIMP  Selling proposal Mon 5/12/2022 05.39

During the last 22 years, our company has been operating in the field of trade. And now, with the production of 1000 tons of cultured shrimp per year, we have entered the field of aquaculture.
These products are of the highest quality compared to global manufacturers and are available in all sizes and reasonable prices.
Therefore, we are ready to cooperate with reputable companies in the field of buying and trading aquatic products.
Tel and Whatsapp: +989171700090

MCS Trading Food sagl MCS Trading Food sagl Top quality fish from Holland  Selling proposal Fri 2/12/2022 07.47

Aviable on 04/12 in Europe

Shandong Atlas Refrigeration Technology Co.,Ltd. Shandong Atlas Refrigeration Technology Co.,Ltd. Mobile container cold room for frozen seafoods  Selling proposal Fri 2/12/2022 05.55

Easy installation, potable and mobile cold room container

MCS Trading Food sagl MCS Trading Food sagl Today we are freezing some squid, excellent quality, caught in Holland  Selling proposal Wed 30/11/2022 12.05

if interested please contact us

Omid Farhaninejad Asl Fish and Shrimp Processing & Packaging Co. Omid Farhaninejad Asl Fish and Shrimp Processing & Packaging Co. supplier/manufacturer and exporter   Sun 27/11/2022 08.26

Amiran Omid Abadan Company is proud of its more than 15 years of experience in exporting and wholesaling of seafood products, including various kinds of fish (Indian Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Lizard fish, Eel fish, Ribbon fish, Salmon and more), shrimp(Vannamei,HOSO, HLSO,PD,PUD)along with export sales of chicken feet and chicken paw, across the globe
We offer you the best products with the best quality and with competitive prices. .

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