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Company Country Address
DHI Denmark Agern Allé 11 Hørsholm
DIAT DEVELOPMENTS Denmark A/S Lergardvej 2 DK-6040 Egtved
Diesel Motor Nordic A/S (Deutz) Denmark Roskildevej 519
DIFKO PARTNER A/S Denmark Kristen Bernikows Gade 4 - DK 1105 KOBENHAVN
Ditech Scandinavia Aps Denmark Erhvervsparken 10 Ebeltoft
DJH Denmark Oluf Palmes Allé Århus
DMI Plastic A/S Denmark Øsbygade 46 Haderslev
DMRI -Danish Meat Research Institute- Denmark Maglegårdsvej 2 Roskilde
Dnask Fisk Hanstholm Denmark Hanstholm
DPPO - Danmarks Pelagiske Producentorganisation Denmark H.C. Andersens Boulevard 37, 1. København V
Dragofa S-Engros - Supermarket / Foodservice Danmark A/S Denmark Stamholmen 175 Hvidovre
DRONNING SEAFOOD A/S Denmark Constantiavej 29 Frederikshavn
Dry-Bag A/S Denmark Dalargade 1, Aarhus C
DSC - Danish Shellfish Centre - Dansk Skaldyrcenter Denmark Øroddevej 80 Nykøbing Mors
DSI - A/S Dybvad Stål Industri Denmark Parkvej 5 Dybvad
DSV A/S -Global Headquarters- Denmark Banemarksvej 58 Brøndby
Dt Interlink ApS Denmark Emilievej 19 Frederikshavn
DTI -Danish Technological Institute- Denmark Maglegårdsvej 2 Roskilde
DTU - Technical University of Denmark Denmark Anker Engelunds Vej 1, Kongens
DTU Aqua - National Institute of Aquatic Resources Denmark Jægersborg Allé 1 Charlottenlund
Duusgaard Malerfirma Denmark Sindalvej 30 Hirtshals
E H AQUATECH SERVICES LTD Denmark Villa Vej 44 - DK 9240 NIBE
E H PEDERSEN Denmark Vognsbolkollegiet - DK 6700 ESBJERG
E IFVERSEN APS Denmark Vestre Strandvej - DK 9990 SKAGEN
E M FISK Denmark Strandvejen 21 - DK 5960 MARSTAL
E. VEJVAD HANSEN Denmark Darmvej 145b
EAFP - European Association of Fish Pathologists Denmark Bülowsvej 27 København V
Eastfish Denmark UN Centre Midtermolen 3 - P.O. Box 0896 Copenhagen
EBELTOFT Denmark Havn - DK 8400 EBELTOFT
EBERHARDT AGENCIES & SHIPPING APS Denmark 6B, Amaliegade, DK 1256 Copenhagen K
Ecco Seafood A/S Denmark Søndre Havnevej 34 Strandby
Edgar Madsen Fiskeeksport & Filetfabrik A/S Denmark Metheasvej 10 - Postboks 5 Hvide Sande
Eimskip - Faroe Ship Denmark Denmark Langerak 17 Aalborg Ø
Ekko Fisk A/S Denmark Vagervej 9-13 Esbjerg
Eldorado A/S Denmark Ole Rømersvej 31-35 Haderslev
Elektromarine Denmark Værftsvej 2 Skagen
Elite Seafood Denmark Munkevej 20.A Thisted
Elite Seafood A/S Denmark Munkevej 20 A - P.O. Box 202 Thisted
ELKA Rainwear A/S Denmark Navellvej 22-24 Sunds
Ellab A/S Denmark Trollesmindealle 25 Hilleroed
Elthermo Searchlight A/S Denmark Højnæsvej 44 Rødovre
Emborg Foods A/S -Headquarter- Denmark Lansen 19 Svenstrup J
Emidan A/S Denmark Sofiendalsvej 88A - P.O. Box 7150 Aalborg SV
ENERGI OLIE Denmark 1 Havnegade - DK 5960 MARSTAL
Engelsviken Canning Denmark A/S Denmark Soren Humbers Kaj 2 Skagen
Engelsviken Canning Denmark AS Denmark Søren Humbers Kaj 2, - Postboks 17 Skagen
ENNIBERG P/F FARCOD Denmark Tradagota 43 Torshavn
ENORM ApS Denmark Hedelundvej 15 Flemming
Enterprise Ireland Denmark 'Klostergarden' Amagertorv 29, 3. sal Bankgarden
EP-SPEDITION Denmark Jens Hjernoesvej 5-7 - DK 8700 HORSENS
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Global Egersund AS Global Egersund AS Frozen/fresh salmon fillets Trim C-D IVP / Salmon Bits/pieces / Salmon scrap meat  Selling proposal Fri 23/2/2024 01.22

Newly package Salmon fillets large sizes
Trim C-D
New production stock.
size: 1.4-1.8kg, 1.8-2.2kg.

Salmon Bits & Pieces,skin on,skinless
off cuts,Scrape meat

welcome your inquiries!
For quotation price, please contact me at:

  • 1 user likes this
SEAPRO AQUACULTURE & FISHERY LIMITED COMPANY SEAPRO AQUACULTURE & FISHERY LIMITED COMPANY Frozen salmon trout & portioned trout  Selling proposal Thu 22/2/2024 10.23
€ 6,00

head of gutted frozen salmon trout (oncorhynchus mykiss)

BASEAFOOD 2 COMPANY BASEAFOOD 2 COMPANY Explore BASEAFOOD's seasonal Baby Shrimp Offer  Selling proposal Thu 22/2/2024 09.32

Welcome to BASEAFOOD 2 company, a leading seafood processor and exporter from Vietnam.
Featured Products:
- Dried Baby Shrimp: freshly caught and perfectly sun-dried, no salt, size 1-3 cm, packed in bulk or retail bag.
- Frozen Salted Baby Shrimp: 75% Shrimp mixed with 25% salt water, high quality and freshness, size 1-3 cm/pc, packed in 15kg drums or 500g/1kg bottle.
Discover more of our special products and take advantage of our offers at:
For inquiries, please contact:
Ms Nguyen - Sales manager
Phone: + 84 702 520 288

Nghi Son Foods Group Nghi Son Foods Group Promotion Yellowfin Tuna  Selling proposal Thu 22/2/2024 05.27

I am Johnny from Nghi Son Foods Group, a leading tuna factory in Vietnam. We are exporting mainly to America, Russia, Europe and Philippines.
Our certificates: HACCP, NAFIQAD, MSC, FDA, BRC, Dolphin Safe, FOS...
EU code: DL 688, DL 947, HK 695
Featured tuna products in our portfolio:
-Trimmed Meat
-Ground Meat
Our products come in CO/TS/Vitamin Treated and Natural.
Kindly tell us what your budget is, and we will give you products that fit your budget.
WhatsApp: +84 931442207

BINH PHU SEAFOOD COMPANY LIMITED BINH PHU SEAFOOD COMPANY LIMITED Tuna in brine, Tuna in oil  Selling proposal Thu 22/2/2024 04.51

Tuna in brine, Tuna in oil..
If you are interested them, please contact me:

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