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Selected country: Georgia
Company Country Address
Aisbergi 2 Georgia 7 Rukhadze Str. Poti
Aisbergi-2 Georgia 7 Rukhadze Str. Poti
Akhali Producti Ltd Georgia Mekhanizacia Alley N1 Tbilisi
Blue Water International A/S (Tbilisi) Georgia 44. Leselidze Str. Tbilisi
Central Trade Ltd Georgia 36 Rustaveli Ave, Tbilisi
ExpoGeorgia Co. - Exhibition Georgia 118, Tsereteli Ave Tbilisi
GeoAgroExport Ltd. Georgia P.O. Box 6, Mtskheta Tbilisi
Geofish Co. Georgia Petritsi str. 6 appt. 54 Tbilisi
Georgia Fish & Safari Georgia 9a/12 Petrici str. Tbilisi
GFP Co LTD Georgia Didi Digomi Microdistrict 25 Tbilisi
Globus Georgia 43/14 Kavkasioni street Telavi
GNLC Georgia Tbilisi
GZ PRIVATE ENTERPRISE Georgia 43 A Gogebashvili Str Tbilisi
Ice Cube Ltd Georgia
Irina Georgia
Majid Al Futtaim Carrefour Georgia Georgia Isani Tbilisi
Nikora JSC Georgia 11, M. Qavtaradze Str Tbilisi
Okeane Ltd | Oceane Ltd. Georgia 11, M. Qavtaradze Str Tbilisi
PALIASTOMI2004 LTD Georgia 80 Rukhadze str Poti 4400
Seafood Ltd. Georgia Tevdore Mgvdeli st 27 Tbilisi
SeafoodImport Ltd. Georgia #2 Rukhadze Str. Poti
Seaproducts llc Georgia Larnaka 12 Poti
TEM LTD. Georgia 72, 3 AgmaShenebeli Str. Batumi
Woodimpex Ltd. Georgia 8 Mckheta str Alaveri
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