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Selected country: Bulgaria
Company Country Address
Sea Link Shipping Ltd (Head Office) Bulgaria 17 Georgi Shagundv Str 2nd Fl BG-8000 Bulgaria Bourgas
SEVER-EXPORT LTD. Bulgaria South Industrial Area Varna
SHIP MACHINE-BUILDING JSC (HEAD OFFICE) Bulgaria 24 Devnya Street BG-9000 Varna
Slavianka Fish Processing Plant Bulgaria
SLAVIANKA JSC Bulgaria 3 Industrialna Str. P.O. Box 235 Bourgas
Solid Co Bg AD Bulgaria 53A Raiko Daskalov str. Varna
ST NIK-60 Bulgaria Post Box Nik-60 Plovdiv
Startex Ltd - Star Tex Bulgaria Selo Byal Kladenets,Glavna Ulitsa, No:3 Haskovo
TC Service Workshop (Representative Office) Bulgaria Odessos Ship Repair Yard Island Zone BG-9015 Varna
TELEPASSPORT-BULGARIA LTD Bulgaria Ucheben centre Zornica,floor 3 suite 303,310 Bourgas
THEA SIRENA LTD Bulgaria 15 Sofia
Tilapia fish Company Bulgaria 5 Musala str. Varna
TJ Ltd. Bulgaria Ivan Vazov 301 Sofia
Trans Pack Logistics Ltd Bulgaria Highway E79, Marikostinovo Petrich
Transimpex Varna (Head Office) Bulgaria 22 Sofia Street BG-9000 Varna
Transnavire Co Ltd (Regional Office) Bulgaria 77 Ivan Vazov Street BG-8000 Bourgas
Travel Store Maker Bulgaria Sofia
TRIUMPH MARITIME SA Bulgaria Vazrazdane bl.26 entr.3 apt.2 Varna
U.V.TRADING OOD Bulgaria 43 Dragoman str. Varna
UNIMASTERS LOGISTICS BOURGAS (REGIONAL OFFICE) Bulgaria 1 Boulair Street 3rd Floor BG-8000 Bourgas
Unimasters Logistics Group Ltd (Head Office) Bulgaria PO Box 229 40 Graf Ignatiev Street BG-9000 Varna
Unimasters Logistics Sofia (Regional Office) Bulgaria 62-64 Hemus Street BG-1111 Sofia
Unimasters Logistics Varna (Regional Office) Bulgaria Main Port Building Ground Suite
Uno Maritime Ltd Bulgaria Okolchitza Street 3, Suite 4 Varna
VARNA BUNKERING CO LTD (HEAD OFFICE) Bulgaria 10 Drazki Street BG-9000 Varna
Varna Fish Ltd Bulgaria
VARNA PRO CO LTD (HEAD OFFICE) Bulgaria 65 Primorski Blvd BG-9000 Varna
Varna Shipyard - Ship Research & Design Division (SRDD) (Head Office) Bulgaria 8th Primorski Polk Blvd 128 BG-9000 Varna
Varsa Shipping Co Ltd (Head Office) Bulgaria 14 A Bdin Street BG-9000 Varna
Vees Bulgaria
Viand Ltd Bulgaria str.Lavale 16 3thFl Sofia
Vistamar Ltd (Head Office) Bulgaria 51 Chatadja Str Pobeda R/D BG-8000 Bourgas
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